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    Battling a Thaw in Relations! (656)

    ^ Since when did infernape use blast burn? It was just Blaze activated and flare blitz. Also, anyone amused at that fact that electivire died from sudden combustion at the very end? On a side note, Ash has gotten 3 burn hax in the entire match.
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    The Pokemon Questions Thread Again!

    Smogon.com is the go-to site for competitive battling. Search infernape or umbreon there and you will find the movesets that are deemed worthy in the current metagame. Also, a Hypnosis TM does not exist.
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    A Real Rival Rouser! (655)

    All the buildup and the monkey's story is pretty much for this battle. Of course there will be huge hype on this, esp on blaze, which Chimchar previously has trouble controlling. ALL of us know Ash is going to win, but we don't know HOW, hence us watching the episode.
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    A Real Rival Rouser! (655)

    Urm.. Could someone explain to me in the Pikachu vs Frosslass battle, why didn't thunderbolt work the first time? Something to do with snow cloak or something? Or was it the hail
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    >>>The Closed Thread Container<<<

    Seems like the Shellos family really enjoy secreting coloured fluids when squeezed huh...
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    Pokemon: Post Apocalypse

    Swampert - Big badass bodyguard that also comes with its own supply of water. Can dig into the ground in case of emergencies and is unphazed if travelling through swampy areas are required. Vaporeon - 2 Water pokemon are better than one, especially when one has to survive in a post-apocalyptic...
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    Fire types: Underate at your own risk.

    ^you forgot starmie, which serves well not only as a lead but as a backup sweeper
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    Fire types: Underate at your own risk.

    If more type based entry hazards were to be introduced, it will be extremely difficult to switch anything in, especially for pokemon will multiple weaknesses like say yanmega. Also, stall strategies would be very dominant, specially since salamence is uber now, so things like swampert and...
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    Aqua tail gliscor would make my day. Earthquake would be awesome too, but knowing the writers, it'll probably never happen.
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    Trouble with favorites...

    Tried scizor yet? Cool in appearance and pretty awesome in terms of stats too
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    Evolution stones come from WHAT?

    in the manga, it is mentioned that the sunlight from a certain mountain emits the same radiation waves as a sun stone, which help gold's sunkern to evolve. So maybe the evolution stones are just stones which contain special radiation
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    abt 300 small figures and cards. I was addicted to them when i was a kid. Nowadays, i don't really buy anything though
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    Team Plans in General

    Feraligatr, gyarados, machamp, ampharos, nidoking, arcanine. Notice the lack of hm slaves, which is causing me a lot of problems.
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    pokemon used in competitive gaming would be powered up and can use some moves it can't ordinarily if a devolve stone were to be introduced. Eevee is so going to be rigged.
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    Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Am i the only one who thinks that the revealed poke is really the sentret/ratata/zigzagoon/bidoof of the generation?
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    Solo Runs

    I did several solo runs before. Leafeon-Pearl Gengar-Platinum Metagross/beldum-platinum Pidgeot-Red Im currently attempting a haunter solo run, not evolving it into a gengar. Sludge bomb really screws the trainers in the game.
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    My friend is crazy

    Anime overdose. Undermatured?
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    What's the point of Bolt-Beaming?

    ^Obviously you're totally forgetting about dual typings. Lanturn, the magnemite line and shedinja resists the boltbeam combination.
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    Hold the Phione! (581)

    Renting submarines are...wow.
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    Pokemon we haven't seen for long periods of time

    magby i think. very long while.