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    Legend of Zelda Wii Discussion (With HQ Art)

    Changing art styles mid-game would be a bit silly... I like how Zelda has two different artsytles going for it. Cel-shaded cartoon graphics for the more "light-hearted" titles and more realistic graphics for the "darker" titles. the terms are in quotations because they can easily head in...
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    The Legendary Starfy (DS) Discussion

    I find it so strange how they decided to release the series worldwide now... I mean, this is already the fifth game or so. The major reoccuring characters have been established :\ Plus the only phrase I can think of that can describe the series is "Oh Stafy, why did you even come here?"...
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    Legend of Zelda Wii Discussion (With HQ Art)

    They never exactly did explain where the Master Sword came from in the first place... It's always been revered as the the sword that banishes evil.
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    Square Enix / Konami / Ubisoft / EA E3 Conference Discussions [ The Aftermath ]

    Any word on Beyond Good and Evil 2? Anyway, I'm stoked after seeing the No More Heroes 2 trailer. I hope it's just as mind-screwy as Suda51 games tend to be.
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    Levels: Anything to do with age?

    Fixed. Anyway, I can see that alot of evolutions that require leveling up would have made more sense if it was based on age... but I doubt that anyone would want to wait that long for one of their Pokémon to evolve.
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    Legend of Zelda Wii Discussion (With HQ Art)

    Is there some sort of unwritten rule where all fans have to hate the newest installment of the Zelda series? Regardless of how good it actually is? It happened with Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Phantom Hourglass and now Spirit Tracks and this new game. Seriously... stop...
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    Black Wiis and Red DSis.

    The Black Wii would be awesome... About two years ago.
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    Super Mario Galaxy 2 Discussion

    You ride goddamn Yoshi. How awesome is that?
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    Brock's dayjob

    Tell that to Tracey and Max.
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    ashs gand after diamond and pearl

    Haha. What an imagination, you should try writing fanfics :)
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    Brock's dayjob

    I also get the feeling that if they did replace him with someone else, that person would be just as "shafted" as Brock is now, which would render the change almost pointless. We would only be complaining about how the new person isn't doing anything.
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    Have they made Brock into a Joke?

    It's always been designed for children in mind.
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    OMG! It's using telepathy! And I am useless!

    Brock is basically the "Non Action Guy". What he does isn't all that exciting to watch but he's still an important member of the team. Without him, Ash and friends would not be able to live as comfortably as they do, and Pokémon Centers aren't a good substitution. Also, a replacement...
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    Have they made Brock into a Joke?

    Are you positive about this? If anything they've given him a little more screen time. It's just that every episode that focuses on him gets written off as a ignorable filler. Mostly because he doesn't get a trinket at the end of the episode. You guys seem to forget that Brock's main...
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    Would you like it if Team Rocket gets a starter?

    They tried giving one of the main starters to Paul, look what happened.
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    Do you think the new main girl in GS will be featured in the anime?

    I'd be pretty surprised if she did appear. But chances of her appearing are real slim.
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    Ash turned into Pikachu a Missed opportunity?

    I thought it was a horrible idea to include it in retrospect because it borders on Furry fandom. Which I dislike with a passion.
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    No Tangela

    Nevermind that Carnivine does the exact job already...
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    Investigation #1: Why does Zelda have so many more fans than Metroid?

    Zelda has more characters that fans can wank over. Metroid only has Samus, and only when she takes her helmet off.
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    What Have You "Learned" From Pokemon?

    I've learned that people are completely unable to comprehend that a video game isn't going to emulate real life down to the letter. Seriously guys.