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    Pokemon you wouldn't or would mind to ride on for reasons

    I think a weedle would hurt.
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    Most pain in the poo move?

    Attract annoys me to no end.
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    Honesty is usually best. It is better to own up to a mistake and try to fix it than to cover it up and make excuses.
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    Relationships: Is cheating forgivable?

    If the girl cheats on me she is out. End of story.
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    Right now I have a bruise on my leg and a cut on my ankle from falling off a sled 2 weeks ago. The worst injury I have ever had was tearing my sternum while weight lifting. I was angry about my what my at the time (now ex) girlfriend was putting me through. I decided it was a good idea to...
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    Soo; Valentines Day...

    I'm going to hang out with the girl I have been seeing we are having something on campus that has free candy or something. Shes not big on holidays and things so its just an opportunity to have fun and eat candy.
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    Pokemon hating their evolutions are they hating themselves?

    I remember an episode of pokemon with Vileplume and Bellosom where some of the Vileplumes wished they were Bellosom's and vice versa. I don't think that it would make them hate themselves mabey dislike their bodies and wish that they were different. Or like many people above have stated some...
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    Disappointment In Starter Evolution?

    The only starter that really disappointed me was Meganium. I liked Chikorita and Bayleef but no matter how hard I tried to get Meganium to be effective it never worked.
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    The Student Lounge Thread.

    Have you asked for tutoring or have you been tested for learning disabilities? I had the same problem with algebra.
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    What does Pokemon do for you?

    Gives me a constructive way to occupy my free time and helps me think using strategy.
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    The Student Lounge Thread.

    Pride and prejudice can rot in hell.
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    Dragon Selection Revealed

    This. I don't think the look all that cool but I do like that dragons are finally getting to be a part of the TGC. I think that as the number of pokemon increases that more types will be added in the future (Bug, poison, rock, ice)
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    Participation points?

    I meant the ones twards player rewards. I forget what they are called. ><
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    School Rules You Hate!

    I am in a welding class. I use a torch that can melt solid steel to the consistency of hot candle wax. I use machines that can crush, cut and bend thick pieces of metal like no tomorrow. Not to mention lots of tools that could be considered or used as weapons. Yet the school won't let us have...
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    How much do you care about other people?

    I'm very caring. I like helping people if I can but don't get on my bad side lol.
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    Why did Fire-types claim the rainbow?

    Fire and sparks can be all different colors. When metal or gas ignite/spark they make different colors (think fireworks or propane/acetylene flames) that is my guess.
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    missprint question

    Can you tell us what card and set? Thanks.
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    The Official Advice Thread

    Don't move just because some girl broke up with you. Just ignore her and move on.
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    Got Caught Recently?

    I got caught headbanging to metal on the bus. I'm not crazy just a metal head I swear.
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    I ban everything Legendary.

    I ban whining about what your opponent uses.