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  1. VoltTacklingPika

    What are your unpopular opinions about the anime?

    What muddies this discussion about Ash's personality is we, as a community, can't agree on how Ash should be behaving, which is embodied by these circular debates we keep having about x series vs y series vs z series. Taking isolated incidents and saying "This is OOC!" or "This is how a kid...
  2. VoltTacklingPika

    What are your unpopular opinions about the anime?

    The Elesa gym is an outlier, though. It's not indicitive of how Ash apporached gyms in Unova and I find it unfair to constantly use it as a stick to beat BW with.
  3. VoltTacklingPika

    What are your unpopular opinions about the anime?

    Discussing Ash is made harder by people's tendency to resort to extremes when describing his personality. Him being more error-prone in BW doesn't make him "brain dead", just as him being focused on battles in XY doesn't make him a "robot". Ironically, for all the accusations of this show...
  4. VoltTacklingPika

    What are your unpopular opinions about the anime?

    The Ash cheating thing comes up fairly often, but I maintain it's not that out of character for him, especially when you examine everything in context. He's never been above accepting help from others when he needs to, and Rotom's intentions were innocent, if besides the point of the task Ash...
  5. VoltTacklingPika

    Liko and Roy

    Their designs are fine, no more or less elaborate than what you'd expect for a Pokemon trainer. The simplistic clothing makes them more grounded and relatable - because anyone can pull out a pair of shorts and a jacket and pretend to be a Pokemon trainer - while the hair colours give them a more...
  6. VoltTacklingPika

    What's next for YOU in this franchise?

    Nothing's changed for me. I'll keep watching because I love the Pokemon world and overall concept, whether we experience it through Ash or any other character. As invested as I was in Ash, his presence inhibited what stories could be told. Him leaving the show is like a weight being lifted and...
  7. VoltTacklingPika

    "The New Pocket Monsters Series", starts April 2023

    The issue with that take is it most likely comes from a series veteran who has been watching from the start and doesn't factor in Pokemon's incredibly broad audience and potential audience. Inevitably, older viewers will fall away because the character they were invested in won't be there...
  8. VoltTacklingPika

    What are your unpopular opinions about the anime?

    To be fair to May, they turned her stumbling through contests into a plot point at the end of Battle Frontier. They emphasised the skill gap between May and Solidad, even having Scott comment on how May's battling style was similar to Ash's and not necessarily the best for contests. The whole...
  9. VoltTacklingPika

    What are your unpopular opinions about the anime?

    Also, saying Lillie never took initiative is just incorrect. Lillie did, in fact, try to conquer her own fears of Pokemon by being present at lessons and coming up with weird and wonderful ways she could participate. Was she successful? No, but she did try. When she lapsed on her trauma, it...
  10. VoltTacklingPika

    What are your unpopular opinions about the anime?

    I suspect the real reason for not having every companion show up at once was more production related than creative. However, I should point out Ash has never really cared if his friends are in the crowd watching him, and would probably rather they do their own thing rather than drop everything...
  11. VoltTacklingPika

    What are your unpopular opinions about the anime?

    Is it unpopular to say it's about time people got over the XY/SM art style change and accepted their respective strengths? They're both good looking shows and I'm grateful Pokemon has made such huge strides in its visuals because holy crap old Pokemon does not hold up. I'd throw Gary's name in...
  12. VoltTacklingPika

    predictions of the future Scarlet and Violet anime

    I'm the total opposite. I think Ash and Nemona would get along supremely well because of their mutual obsession with battling and supportive natures. She can be his rival and BFF. There's actually scope for Chloe to appear because her Eevee copying the moves of Eeveelutions suits Terastalising...
  13. VoltTacklingPika

    Thoughts on the Masters 8/PWC as a whole?

    A spectacular finish elevated it, but ultimately it lacked a certain something to bring everything together. Ash vs Leon was the driving force behind the entire plot and turned out to be a very basic rivalry involving two dudes who saw themselves in each other and wanted to have a great battle...
  14. VoltTacklingPika

    Out of the iterations of Ash, DP gave us the best in his character growth

    Having a setback, being sad about it, and then returning to his default mode of being isn't what I'd consider growth. I'd say the entire rivalry with Paul was designed to be a vindication of Ash's methods, not an examination or introspection on them, as evidenced by the fact he won doing the...
  15. VoltTacklingPika

    Containment thread for LEAKS of upcoming episodes (READ THE FIRST POST, IMPORTANT)

    Ash's primary reason for going anywhere is to see new sights and Pokemon. It's not strictly about battling. Remember, this is the guy who stayed in Alola long before a league even existed there and worked for Cerise before finding out the PWC was even a thing. Inventing a reason for him to go to...
  16. VoltTacklingPika

    Does Chloe care about Ash at all?

    I remember when I was at school, there'd be kids who I'd talk with and even liked, but never saw outside of school and never went out of my way to interact with. Ash and Chloe are kinda like that. He works for her dad so they cross paths at the lab but outside the lab they've got their own...
  17. VoltTacklingPika

    Production problems Pokemon anime

    I suspect a studio change wouldn't be the panacea people think it'd be. Staffing problems is an industry-wide problem, not something exclusive to OLM, and taking on an anime the size of Pokemon would be a significant commitment. Whatever fresh ideas there'd be would be balanced by the demands of...
  18. VoltTacklingPika

    XYZ effect on fans and writers. How do you feel?

    There is a massive difference in content for 6-12 year olds and 12-17 year olds. For example, content in Japan aimed at 12-17 year olds includes big Shonen hits like Demon Slayer and My Hero Academia. Content aimed at 11 and younger is something like... Pokemon, for example. If you're...
  19. VoltTacklingPika

    XYZ effect on fans and writers. How do you feel?

    I'd imagine writers looked at XY as an example of overpromising and underdelivering. XY built anticipation among its viewers like no other season of the show, simply by presenting Ash as a big deal. When every other character is astonished by Ash in some way and when very strong battlers mark...
  20. VoltTacklingPika

    Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread

    She doesn't need to be a main character for this to happen, though. A short scene here and there to allude to something going on is all that's needed. It'd keep her in the audience's mind while building up some intrigue they can use later if they want to. Even support characters require a basic...