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    Stuff of Legend

    Wow.. havent commented in a long time.. Well. the Story is still great.. amazing.. lol I love how Matt's hair became purple... Hmm... Evil Sentret, maybe? haha.
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    Favorite John Hughes Movie

    Definatly Ferris Buehler's day off with Home Alone coming in a distant second.
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    Family Guy

    It's alright.... I've kinda lost interest in it the past couple months... Getting old. The comedy is getting stale... but it will still make me laugh here or there.
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    Power Ranger poll

    Oh. Can I change my vote? To something cool. Like purple.
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    The best state?

    OHIO'Z GOTT A LAKE!!! That automatically makes us best right?
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    Power Ranger poll

    Black because I'm pretty sure that anybody who dresses in an all black jump suit is win. And he was a wolf or something.
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    What colour are your eyes?

    They change from green to brown to gold a lot. So I'll pick brown.
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    Favorite Fast Food

    Where are Subway, Taco Bell, Arby's and Sbarro? All four of those own every choice in this poll. But I picked KFC.
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    favorite pizza place

    All three of those suck. Most chain pizza's suck because they're more popular and they have to work faster. Small joints like Antonios or Fratello's in Cleveland are the best.
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    The Official NFL Thread!

    Jerry Jones has already said in a press conference he's not gonna go after Vick.
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    Last night I built a couple ships and had my lego people fight a war. It was fun, so I'm playing with them again tonight.
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    The Official NFL Thread!

    He's probably signing with Pittsburgh, New England, or the Bengals. Those teams never seem to have problems bringing in big personalities.
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    the official mlb thread

    Oh wow.... I knew it would happen but seeing Victor get traded hurts so much. He was the heart and soul of the Indians... they were a team with him, and now they're just a group of players... He wanted to play for us his whole career and cried when he heard of the news too... This is...
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    The Official NFL Thread!

    Lol.... you're grandpa was most definatly, messing with you. After all the Eagles just went through with McNabb there's no wway they trade him.
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    the official mlb thread

    What a terrible trade for the Indians.... I mean wow. We give up Lee for nothing! We got a SS... when we already have four guys on our major league roster who can play SS... We got a catcher... when we have the number one catching prospect in the league in Carlos Santana waiting in AA...
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    The Official NFL Thread!

    We're not talking each of their last years. Favre throughout his career has been a MUCH, MUCH more reliable QB. Vick had like the 31st completion percentage in the league for a season or two. that's not exactly what I'd call reliable.
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    The Official NFL Thread!

    That's exactly what it is. Just like Kobe Bryant, he had sex with the wrong golddigger. I mean... why would she decide to sue one year later?... These athletes need to start being more careful.
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    the official mlb thread

    And what a surprise, he got a call from Obama himself to congratulate him on the game. But wow.. did anybody see Wise's catch? Amazing.
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    The Official NBA Thread

    They're is a clearer "Non TMZ" version that is much better. Better angle, clealer. Just a better video. Now if I remembered where it was from I would tell you. And I have no clue why LeBron and Nike got their panties in a bunch over something as small as that. They made a mountain out of a...