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  1. Harmonie

    Favorite Ice Type?

    Alolan Vulpix, Glaceon, Eiscue, and Snom are my picks right now. I have been very pleased with the Ice types in recent generations. There are lots of cuter/prettier Ice types to drown out the uglier ones. Just wait until you put Snom into Pokemon Camp. All will be worth it.
  2. Harmonie

    Real-world places you’d like to see as Pokémon regions

    Rainy? Yes. Freezing cold? Not so much. England is quite mild compared to the regions I mentioned which all experience bitter cold winters and snow. England isn't really known for any of that from my understanding. I mean, a glance over at England right now shows 40s and 50s for temperatures...
  3. Harmonie

    Real-world places you’d like to see as Pokémon regions

    I still want to see a colder region - Scandinavia, Russia, Canada, Greenland, even Alaska (although I think we've had enough USA regions for a long while). I'm just glad we got an England region instead of something warm/hot and/or tropical again.
  4. Harmonie

    How many of you are already dead set in getting possible Gen 4 remakes?

    As long as they're traditional remakes untouched by any LGP/E influence whatsoever I don't see why I wouldn't want to buy them. However, as I said in the other topic, saying I'm dead set about something I know nothing about is silly. GF can always screw the simplest things up.
  5. Harmonie

    How many of you are already dead set in getting the next Gen 8 games.

    I would say it is likely I will get one. However, it would be silly to say I'm dead set on buying a game I know absolutely nothing about. The Pokemon franchise really hasn't been impressing me much lately. I only played Sun from Generation VII and found it to be frustrating and limited. I'm not...
  6. Harmonie

    What type of Poke Fan are you?

    I'm probably middle but lean toward casual. Sometimes I will get an interest and try harder to fill my Pokedex, but generally I'm very casual and stop playing the games after the main quest is over and I've done what the game has to offer afterward. Even if I train Pokemon post-game, I do it...
  7. Harmonie

    Kingdom Hearts Discussion Thread

    Gosh, the Toy Story world just looks even better than it was when it was shown to us before. Every thing is so on point with it. They did a fantastic job.
  8. Harmonie

    Thoughts on the Upcoming Pokemon Switch Game?

    Amen! I've been really saddened and a bit disgruntled with the fact that Leaf hasn't shown up at all since FR/LG. It would have been so easy to make it optional to fight her instead of Red in HG/SS, but no... And then it has been Red this and Red that ever since. I'm sure there are a lot of...
  9. Harmonie

    Thoughts on the Upcoming Pokemon Switch Game?

    I have to wonder if they'd somehow restrict this Eevee to its Kanto evolutions, which might make it a little less exciting compared to Pikachu. I sincerely hope not, but with all of the Generation I pandering as of late, which this game - if true - is clearly the epitome of, I wouldn't even be...
  10. Harmonie

    New Region Discussion Thread

    Oh wow, I fail. I just knew NY was in the same area, but NY is just one state too far West, then? New Hampshire is where my family is looking, and I knew it was considered New England. Oh well, they're very close to each other, either way. I understand Unova was going more for a big metropolis...
  11. Harmonie

    New Region Discussion Thread

    Isn't New York (Unova) technically a part of New England, though? Correct me if I'm wrong. I do need to know this region because my family is strongly considering moving up there. Obviously Unova is kind of its own unique thing and doesn't really fit the 'cold' region stereotype. However, in...
  12. Harmonie

    New Region Discussion Thread

    The counter to that is that GameFreak takes a lot of liberties with the regions they choose. I mean I'm pretty sure there are no deserts in the middle of New York City (Unova). lol. Also I don't believe that Hawaii has snowy peaks either, but I don't know much about Hawaii. I do really hope...
  13. Harmonie

    Pokemon and Open Worlds (Or Lack Thereof)

    To me, Pokemon games are supposed to be an adventure. Playing Breath of the Wild, I for the first time ever (note: I haven't played other open world games) got that feeling of really playing an adventure game. This is the natural evolution of an adventure game, and until it reaches that point it...
  14. Harmonie

    Returning Features from Gen 7 Speculation

    Certain people may have been complaining about the games being "too easy", but I wasn't among those people. I personally have never found attempts at 'difficulty' in Pokemon to ever be fun at all. I see EXP Share as for those who are impatient, it's not really making the game easier. It's just...
  15. Harmonie

    Returning Features from Gen 7 Speculation

    SOS battles were a disaster. They made catching and/or training Pokemon a pain the rear. I don't care to see them return at all. I suppose Poke Ride was good for helping with the HM problem, but I didn't like how it was automatically set to one and only one Pokemon which was to no one's...
  16. Harmonie

    New Region Discussion Thread

    Personally, I'd really like to see a far Northern region. Alola just bored me, and I feel like a region like Iceland, Greenland, Sweden, etc. would be very refreshing. These regions are actually very beautiful, but are always underrepresented in media. If we can't have that, I'd take another...
  17. Harmonie

    Its almost spring! :D

    I despise Spring with every fiber of my being. It just makes me depressed. Where I live, the weather is typically nicest during Winter, with Spring just bringing heat, severe thunderstorms, and bugs. Plus it pretty much means 7+ months until nicer weather returns. I hate it so much. We wait so...
  18. Harmonie

    Shift in flavor between Gens III and IV?

    As a person who has played since the very beginning, I can't really agree. I feel like the vibe definitely changed with R/S/E. That's not to say that it was necessarily bad, but I definitely feel like it was R/S/E where it changed.
  19. Harmonie

    4th of July

    I have a dog who is scared of fireworks, so it wasn't a very good day. People were still shooting off fireworks after midnight and I was very agitated because I just wanted my dog to be able to calm down and for me to be able to go to sleep.
  20. Harmonie

    Why are they biased against Kalos?

    Just our luck, isn't it? Well hopefully the Switch game will leave Sun/Moon rehashes and Alola in the dust.