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    Food! The Junky and The Healthy! Diet Discussion

    I basically eat whatever the **** i want I'm I'm still a bit underweight. Most of the time I try to eat healthy but I have a weakness to pizza. I can't Sit Still for long Periods of time, so I jog while watching TV or playing Video games.
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    Xatu or Swoobat?

    Swoobat with Simple/Calm mind is epic, Though Xatu is good as well. I vote Swoobat though.
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    Gothitelle or Reuniclus

    Trick room. Reuniclus is a beast, stat, move, & appearance wise. See sig.
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    Strongest legendary Pokémon?

    Victini will never be uber. Its got a typing that didn't even let it make OU. Its a beast in the sun but its not broken enough for ubers.
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    Crazy evolutions

    No one Mentioned the Shelmet/Karrablast Line?
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    School Rules You Hate!

    If an electronic device has access to the internet, its strictly not allowed. All bottles must be clear(to check for soda, even though teachers can have Loads), & any cleavage will get you sent home. & the stupidest one of all, All shorts must go over your knees.
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    Ever ditch your starter?

    I thought it look more like the monopoly guy. I ditched Sammurott. It just sucked, The Swellow that replaced it was Sooo much Better.
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    coolest released legendary bw

    Terrakion. It looks pissed, like it could maul you at any moment & not care.
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    Stupid things in Pokemon

    The fact that Ampharos, of all Pokemon in the world, cannot learn tail Glow. It guides ships to shore with its tail glow. Really WTF?
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    If you went to Hogwarts, what house would you want to be in?

    Same here. & hufflepuff is for rejects.
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    How old are you?

    I'm Fourteen. Nothin much to say here.
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    General Chat Thread

    I hate going all night. I can't Function for the next 12 hours.
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    The Infraction Point System - NEW INFRACTIONS 7/18/14

    Wait Theres something I dont get. Lets Say you made A thread that broke two rules at once, Like a Minimodding & asking for hacked pokemon in a trade thread, Would you get infracted for one, or both?
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    General Chat Thread

    The fact that he's eight & in Misc. is a little odd, & his posts make it stranger.
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    General Chat Thread

    Jokes Aren't just spouted from ones lips(or keyboard), they must carefully be inserted into a Conversation.
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    The Infraction Point System - NEW INFRACTIONS 7/18/14

    Wow, Strict. Sppf Is gonna become friendly, or ban heaven, but I'm gonna go ahead & guess the second one. I Don't quite like the new system, not as a whole, but becuase of the Extend-da-points. Also, would somebody mind telling me what happened in Misc this morning? I come in & poof, Its Wiped...
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    General Chat Thread

    He's back.
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    General Chat Thread

    Calm the **** down & make it yourself.
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    General Chat Thread

    Your Welcome. You go there, pay to see a big rat, & leave. Pokemon 1. 1. Pokemon 5357 up, 2651 down A disease that started in Tokyo. It first infected Gameboys in Japan in 1995. Then in 1998 the disease infected Gameboys in America. Soon channel WB11 was infected too, and now...
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    General Chat Thread

    Thats Misc. Life bro.