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    Most Iconic Pokemon From Each Generation

    Gen I: -Venusaur -Blastoise -Charizard -Butterfree -Pikachu -Gyarados -Eevee -Dragonite -Mewtwo -Moltres -Zapdos -Articuno -Mew Gen II: -Togepi -Donphan -Tyranitar -Lugia -Entei -Suicune -Raikou Gen III: -Blaziken -Sceptile -Swampert -Gardevoir -Milotic -Deoxys -Rayquaza -Jirachi Gen IV...
  2. Q

    Why is Ash so weak, dumb and naive come start of every new anime generation?

    Honestly, the only time I find him to be incompetent and such a novice is in the BW saga. He clearly acts like an amateur throughout that series, but not in the other sagas. Plus, even though I'd find it BS for Pikachu to lose in the later anime (blame the writers sometimes), he's still pretty...
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    Pokémon Hangman V.3

    I guess there is an O.
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    What if Pokemon in the Games had their Anime Voices?

    I feel like adding new voices that are akin to the anime would be too much work. Pikachu is fine, but doing it to the others is just excessive.
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    Stupid things that you thought/did with pokemon as a kid

    Me only raising my starter to level 100 and not raising the other Pokemon I caught.
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    Yeah, it was xD And it's okay, I'm pretty patient.

    Yeah, it was xD And it's okay, I'm pretty patient.
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    how many adults are out there playing pokemon?? i feel so alone :(

    I'm almost 18 (if you count me then). But since Pokemon has been around for 20 years, I think a lot of adults who grew up with the franchise still play it, even people on YouTube, etc.
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    Favorite Johto Pokémon

    Quilava due to Ash's Quilava in the anime and me growing attached to the Cyndaquil line. And my others are the Mareep line, Espeon, Houndoom, Donphan, Magby, Togetic, the Azurill line, etc.
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    How do you feel about current Cartoon Network? v.2

    The only show I watch there is Steven Universe to be honest. The other shows aren't worth watching for me.
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    Would You Eat That? V.2.

    Nope. Buffalo chicken Pizza?
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    Edit the sentence

    Donald Duck preened Lisia's Altaria while Ariana Grande gleefully charmed South America's minorities.
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    Would You Eat That? V.2.

    No Oatmeal cookies
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    What do you think were the plots with the biggest wasted potentials in the Anime?

    The GS Ball comes into mind since it was one of the main plotlines in the Orange Islands... then in Johto where Ash hoped for Cyndaquil to evolve someday and it finally did in Sinnoh (which took WAY too long) and the fact that it had a draw against Nando's Armaldo which was underwhelming...
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    You are back with a different shirt lol
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    Is Geninja still a top tier Ash Pokemon without it's evolution?

    Without its other form, I view Greninja as average, really. I view it much like Sceptile or Charizard.
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    Ooh, and let me PM you the edited story.

    Ooh, and let me PM you the edited story.
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    What do you say when someone says you're too old for Pokemon?

    Apparently my parents or other people IRL say things like I should get over Pokemon, or no one likes it, or that I am still play it, and I tell them others like it and such. Or I may show them proof such as #Pokemon20. Or I just ignore it.
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    What is your favorite legendary of XY?

    It used to be Yveltal until Zygarde's alternative forms were revealed last year.
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    What's your team?

    I chose Team Valor because... I didn't care about the advantages/disadvantages of each team and I love fire types :P
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    Things that grind your gears!

    When Pokemon with 10-15% encounters are usually seen 5% of the time for me. And it's really time consuming having to look for them and run into the same kind of Pokemon over and over rather than the Pokemon I want.