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    April 14th: PM2023 001 - Title TBA

    If its gonna be journey 2.0 i just hope they visit places they didnt visit yet or meet similar people>< No more slateport city, viridian forest, eevee trainers spread all out, etc
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    January 27th: MPM03 - Takeshi, Dent and the Forest Witch!!

    Omg is there a chance he will met someone every episode and they all tag a long till the last episode? The pokemon they encountering are interesting though lol
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    January 20th: MPM02 - Satoshi VS Kasumi! A One-on-One on the Beach!!

    Hope we get a water pokemon battle with mixed mons from each gen!!! Maybe Misty with an Azumarill now?
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    October 21st: PM2019 129 - The Finals I: Torrent

    If no Sogaleo, Im hoping Zacian returns!!!! ^O^ Yea...like some of you guys i didint like how Goh wasnt informed about Leon /Eternatus Dx
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    July 29th: PM2019 119 - Koharu and Eievui and the EV-io-lite Primer!

    lol Next episode kinda looks like like a recap? xD ...hahh hope something new...
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    August 5th: PM2019 120 - The Possibilities are Endless for Koharu and Eievui!

    lol Maybve Koharu/Chloe hears that Iris (Dragon?) and Cynthia (another type?) uses an eeveelution and head over to the M8? I hope its a half training episode for Ash too
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    The Future of the World Championships

    Imagine if a legendary pokemon came to support each m8 member lol xD
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    June 3rd: PM2019 113 - Last Mission! Get Regieleki and Regidorago!!

    Im thinking Goh pass the last mission and is invited to fly off and find mew... But Goh wants to cheer on his BFF for the M8 which would prob announce the opening ceremony date by the end of this episode ^^So kinda similar to Serena going to cheer on Ash and not take the offer to train with the...
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    June 3rd: PM2019 113 - Last Mission! Get Regieleki and Regidorago!!

    Im hoping Goh learns more about teamwork when he goes is in Hoenn with Tokio Goh didnt really have his "failing" streak like Ash (octopus pokemon lol, serena + dawn losts, etc) I wonder how they gonna contain Regieleki xD lol
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    May 20th: PM2019 111 - Mohn and Lilie: A Reunion on the Tundra

    That's why im thinking Goh will catch a ditto or will slowly be like Gary; and understand that you dont need to catch every pokemon to reach Mew...besides there are always more Pokemon to be discovered!
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    May 27th: PM2019 112 - A Triumphant Return! The Alola Champion!!

    Even if Ash loses the Battle Royale...he wouldnt lose his title cause its not an official league match? I think he is prob just training with his Alolan friends....special opponent prob a new masked fighter? or Kukui with another mask lol
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    Pocket Monsters (2019) Speculation Thread

    omg totally agree...more dragonite/charizard / we just saw goodra from today...won't be so exciting lol hoping everyone uses a new pokemon but the new pokemon being native to their home region unless everyone has a gen 9 pokemon haha(that would be interesting^^)
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    May 13th: PM2019 110 - The Traitorous Battle Royal!

    lol Maybe Tokio will backstab Goh but then they learn that they both made it? I thought it was gonna be an alola episode too xD
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    January 21st/28th: Pocket Monsters: Arceus, the One Called a God

    Not sure if this was posted *plz move if it isn't the right place to post this >< Also maybe or maybe not it relates to these special episodes coming up (Dawn and Brock returning and all but...) ^We get to hear Dawns JPN VA singing some songs from Pokemon DP, Dawn's Team, and Omg omg Piplup's...
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    November 19th: PM2019 088 - Trial Mission! The Deep Sea Diver Research Team!!

    Mehh....hope he doesnt catch it and just have to find a dragon scale lol Ok with him catching a Horsea though *loved it when he didnt catch larvesta or volcarona xD haha
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    September 3rd: PM2019 079 - The Moon and the Sun; Koharu and Haruhi

    not quite...in one of the long recap episodes a while backthere was a conversation between koharu and the psyduck fangirl (over like poke skype) about espeon and umbreron in the johto region. maybe there was another reason for them being there. a battle for ash or goh want to learn more about...
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    September 10th: PM2019 080 - Trial Mission! Ulgamoth's Golden Scales!!

    Hoping from its Fiery Dance!! Shiny would be cool too!! Or maybe a Volcarona protecting its baby Larvestas from poachers cause theres a shiny one amongst them>>which eventually evolves to a shiny Volca? This is gonna be fun Ash vs Volkner for the tournamnet > an epi for Chloe to meet more...
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    August 13th: PM2019 076 - Fully Powered! The Alola Desert Island Race!!

    Hoping Team rocket brings their pokemon back.... i mean James caught Morepeko Jessie needs her own poke....Mimikyu returning would be perfect!!!
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    Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon HELP THREAD

    I believe its Clauncer/Clawitzer line? Are Johto starters with ha available? *if so how does one go about getting one *spares plz? lol
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    Do you still use wondertrade and GTS for this gen?

    Yup cuz gen 7 boards arent as active? also gts sometimes freezes a lot too lol