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    Super Training/EV/IV Thread

    Even without pokerus, its 12 one turn battles to max the evs of 5 pokemon. Generally one can get through singles or doubles in the battle mansion in roughly the time it takes to ev train a single pokemon with super training. You need to invest a comparable amount of time up front, but once you...
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    Super Training/EV/IV Thread

    How much are your power shots hitting for? And with which poke? The rapid fire types don't seem to increase in damage all that much. TBH, super training is of questionable usefulness in the postgame. Horde battles with power items on every pokemon and pokerus will max an EV in under 5 minutes...
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    Official X & Y Help Thread

    This happens to me about 75% of the time. It drives me nuts. Seems worse on some days than others. Has anyone found a fix or workaround for this?
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    Super Training/EV/IV Thread

    Does the Battle Mansion or the Battle Tests auto-level to 50? I haven't tried either with any pokemon under 50, so I can't really say.
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    Super Training/EV/IV Thread

    The IV judge in the Kiloude City Pokecenter is probably the easiest way. He will tell you what stats (if any) are perfect, and give you an approximate range for the total IVs of the pokemon.
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    Super Training/EV/IV Thread

    Generally, it's quite easy if you start off with one parent having two perfect (from friend safari) and then a ditto with the right nature and two perfect. You could start off with one parent having none, and the other having one or two, it'd just take a bit longer.
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    Hidden Ability Trading Thread

    Looking for Protean Froakies with any nature or IVs. I have a few 5iv (hp, def, sp. def, sp. att, spd) timid gastlys if that interests anyone, along with 2iv dittos with every nature, and magician fennekins. Feel free to PM.
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    Pokémon X & Y: Worldwide Release

    And after having to restart my DL following a crash, I've been stuck at 12% for a good 30 minutes. *facepalm*
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    Pokémon X & Y: Worldwide Release

    IIRC it was 13,850.
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    Pokémon X & Y: Worldwide Release

    I managed to get to 24% downloaded pretty quickly, but it got stuck there for about 30 minutes, then crashed. Had to restart DL from scratch, and at 5% now 5 minutes later :-/. Are there ports I can open up on my router to get this going faster?
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    The Kalos Dex Thread v2 [READ FIRST POST]

    Sheesh, with the crazy number of shines people are getting, I think I'll soft reset for an hour or two after DL to try my luck for a shiny starter.
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    Starters Discussion Thread v2

    Well, that's too bad. I assume you're able to open its card to check nature/sex/shininess immediately after receiving it though, right? It would be nice to know prior to picking. I'm still debating between Fennekin and Frankie. They both have decent type combinations, and I like the way they...