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    Community POTW #017

    Raichu is possible later. For one thing, Alolan Raichu exists (and will be legal once HOME support is added).
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    Community POTW #014

    Is a physical set viable? Greninja has a lot of options in terms of physical moves.
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    Community POTW #013

    Solar Power only boosts Special Attack in the sun. There is literally no reason to use it on a physical set.
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    Community POTW #141

    Don’t know if there is any reason to use base form Calyrex. Only coverage moves it has are Pollen Puff and Draining Kiss. It is basically a worse Celebi.
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    Community POTW #139

    Good Coverage Moves: (Italics = transfer) Energy Ball, Grass Knot- Water, Ground, Rock Thunderbolt, Charge Beam/Thunder Punch, Wild Charge, Fusion Bolt, Bolt Strike- Water Glaciate- Ground Focus Blast/Brick Break- Rock, Dark Scorching Sands- Rock Dazzling Gleam/U-Turn- Dark
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    Community POTW #137

    Love how its SwSh Dex entry mentions that they kidnap Wooloo/sheep. Also, anyone have an explanation for how it learns Steel Wing? Yes, Gastly can learn punch moves and Primeape learns Iron Tail, but they at least have members of their line to explain it. Beheeyem, just doesn’t
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    Community POTW #136

    I like the Magnemite line in concept, however it has some glaring issues. It only learns Normal, Electric and Steel moves, along with Mirror Coat and Body Press. It can’t cover any of its weaknesses, outside of using Magnet Rise.
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    Community POTW #126

    For whatever reason, this is POTW #137 rather than #126 Good Coverage Moves: Flamethrower, Heat Wave- Ice, Steel (not a weakness but both STABs are resisted/immune) Hex, Snarl, Dark Pulse- Psychic
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    Mistakes on Serebii.net V2

    The Transfer Only moves section for Generation 8 excludes the Generation 7 games. This includes the Let’s Go games in addition to SM & USUM.
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    Community POTW #120

    It will always bug me that it has only one Flying type move, which is Fly. It has none in PLA
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    Community POTW #118

    Good Coverage Moves: Surf, Grass Knot- Ground Rollout (transfer only)- Bug Draining Kiss, Focus Blast, Disarming Voice- Dark
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    Community POTW #116

    Since there is no multiplayer in PLA outside of trading and the satchel thing, are we going to ignore it for POTW? That would mean all of the new Evolutions/Forms along with Enamorus (& Samurott) would not be covered.
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    Community POTW #116

    It has access to Stored Power, as an HR in Sw/Sh and as an egg move in BDSP.
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    Community POTW #114

    Doing something similar to what I did last week: Fire, Electric, Psychic- no physical moves Flying, Rock- no special moves Bug- only has X-Scissor Steel- only has the inaccurate Iron Tail for a physical move Dark- only has Dark Pulse for special move Fairy- no moves period
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    Community POTW #113

    Normally, I try to do my whole “Good Coverage Moves” thing with each POTW. However, that doesn’t really work for a Pokémon that can change its type. Instead, here is a list of types that Silvally lacks a good move for. Fighting- only option is Reversal Ground- has none Fairy- has none, outside...
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    Community POTW #111

    I would like to note that the past 9 POTW posts have not been locked (that’s 102 to 110). Just wanted to let the admins know.
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    Community POTW #111

    This move set is almost exactly what I am using in my Brilliant Diamond play through (though only the moves). I have Flamethrower instead though, due to better Accuracy.
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    Community POTW #111

    As much as I want to recommend an Iron Fist set, I can’t. Yes, Infernape gets both STABs and a coverage move, but that’s it and the Fighting options it does get (outside of Focus Punch) only have 40 BP.
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    Community POTW #108

    As far as I know, you cannot have a Mr. Rime with Toxic. You would have to bring over a Mime Jr. from a previous generation. Since it wasn’t from Sw/Sh, it will not evolve into its Galarian form.
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    Community POTW #106

    Good Coverage Moves: Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Heat Wave (Fire Fang, Head Smash, Rock Slide, Stone Edge)- Ice/Bug Flash Cannon (Steel Wing, Iron Tail)- Ice/Fairy Focus Blast (Superpower)- Ice (Acrobatics, Dual Wingbeat)- Fighting/Bug (Zen Headbutt)- Fighting