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    Event Trading Thread

    Hiya! Seeking a Marshadow, not fussed about stats etc. I can offer the current event Shiny lvl 100 Silvally in exchange.
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    Who's your favorite 5th Gen Pokemon and why?

    Tepig, I'm not quite sure why but the little guy really grew on me. Then he evolved and just got even better :)
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    Just to say Hi!

    Yes I do, huge Lion King Fan. I never thought of Luxray hmmm.... Also thank you for the add :)
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    What pokemon have you NEVER trained?

    Geodude, have always been meaning to but seem to end up with Zubat instead
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    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    Currently splitting my time between Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box (chasing missed puzzles), Dragon Quest: Chapters of the Chosen (very addictive) and Pokemon Plat (Training up on Iron Isle before heading for Snowpoint)
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    Just to say Hi!

    Hello! I am Lionessmon, new to this forum, getting to know the rules and picking out an avatar. Hoping to get to know people soon. Would also be grateful for a nice Meganium signature.
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    Why does everyone LOVE the 2nd?

    G/S are my favourite games because unlike R/B/Y, R/S, D/P/PLt the storyline grabs you from the beginning and there is no pointless wandering from your house to rivals, to a lake and then back again. The starter group is one of the best. Entai and co. keep you busy for hours and the Tin Tower...