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    Community POTW #097

    The link leads to Masquerain's page, not Brelooms.
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    Community POTW #094

    Shouldn't this one be 94, since 93 was Magearna?
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    Community POTW #025

    Yes! One of my favorites! Ability: Intimidate: Lowers opponent's attack by one stage when Staraptor first enters. Not a bad ability, but it has a much better one. Hidden Ability: Reckless: Recoil moves have their power and recoil damage increased. Combined with Brave Bird and Double Edge, this...
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    Community POTW #021

    Persian. Giovanni's favorite. Normal Form Abilities: Limber: Prevents paralysis. Pretty simple. Not sure I would recommend it, but if paralysis is worrying you that much...... I guess go for it? Technician: Boosts power of moves with 60 BP or less by 50%. This counts in BEFORE STAB, keep in...
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    Community POTW #020

    Salazzle, yet another wtf Pokedex entry. Ability: Corrosion: Can poison the target regardless of type. If only you could use poison type attacks against steel types with this. Then it would be more useful. Sadly, it only works for status moves. Still can be useful for breaking down walls that...
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    Community POTW #019

    Noice. One of my favorite Eeveelutions. Ability: Synchronize: If the Pokemon is hit with Paralysis, Poison, or Burn; then the opponent is also hit with said status condition (Unless opponents' type prevents that). Really only useful for its' side effect of causing wild pokemon to have a 50%...
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    Community POTW #018

    Awww sweet, one of my Kalos favorites. Ability: Mega Launcher: Increases power of pulse and aura moves by 50%. Effectively boosts Aura Sphere, Water Pulse, Dark Pulse, and Dragon Pulse (Also the healing power of Healing Pusle). Interesting ability, as you basically get a 120 bp water pulse with...
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    Community POTW #017

    Oh boy, lot's of electric mice. Pikachu: Abilities: Static: Physical contact moves will have a 30% chance to paralyze the opponent. Not a good ability to have. Pikachu's already frail, and any physical attack will most likely 1 shot it. Hidden Ability: LightningRod: Grants immunity to electric...
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    Community POTW #016

    Aw sweet, one of my favorites! Abilities: Pressure: Opponents PP usage is increased to 2 while this pokemon is out. Not the best of abilities, but definately more useful than it's other one. Hidden Ability: Pickpocket: Steals the opponents held item when a physical attack is used. The main...
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    Community POTW #015

    Time for Ultra Beasts! Ability: Beast Boost: Boosts the pokemons highest stat by one when it defeats a pokemon. This ability is a godsend on all ultra beasts, and just allows Kartana to boost it's attack stat right up. Felt like a short one, so time for pros and cons. Pros Base 181 Attack...
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    Community POTW #014

    One of my Hoenn favorites. Abilities: Rough Skin: Opponent takes 1/16th of max hp as damage when attacking with a physical contact move. Interesting ability, but not what I'ld use on the Shark nowadays. Hidden Ability: Speed Boost: Raises speed by 1 stage at the end of every turn. What's worse...
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    Community POTW #011

    Alomomola. The Pokemon people thought would be a luvdisc evolution. Abilities Healer: At the end of a turn, there is a 30% chance for ally pokemon to be healed of status conditions. Not too bad of an ability, as it can help with keeping allies healthy. Hydration: All status problems are healed...
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    Community POTW #010

    My least favorite Pokemon from my favorite region. Oh well. Abilites: Stench: If the Pokemon makes physical contact with the opponent, then there is a chance the opponent will flinch. Interesting ability, but difficult for Garbodor to use considering its speed. Weak Armor: If hit by a physical...
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    Community POTW #008

    Oh boy, this thing. Abilities: Fluffy: Halfs all damage from direct contact moves, but doubles damage taken from fire attacks. This can actually help it out against physical contact moves, making it a pretty deadly tank, but at the same time, fire types will spell doom for the hug bear. Klutz...
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    Community POTW #007

    Good old Vivillon. Abilities: Shield Dust: Prevents opponent's attacking moves from having an additional effect. Not all that useful on Vivillon given it's frail defenses. Compoundeyes: Raises accuracy by 30% for all moves this Pokemon knows. Absolutely beautiful. Very helpful for Hurricane and...
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    Smash Brothers for Nintendo Switch (and others)

    I love using both Roy (FE) and Shulk. Both have great combos, and are just fun overall to play as. Can't wait to see what comes next!
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    Elite Four Order

    I usually go: Shauntal, Grimsley, Caitlin, and Marshall. It's how I've been battling them, and I usually feel most comfortable fighting them in that order.
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    Community POTW #056

    Actually Groudon can be paralyzed. Stun Spore and Body Slam can paralyze ground-types.
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    Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Demo Discussion

    I just discovered in my email a spare US demo code. If anyone wants it, pm me.
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    Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Demo Discussion

    For those who can't see the code, just reload the page. It may take a while, but it should fix it.