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    The moral implications of watching pokemon.........

    *facepalm* There is so much wrong with this...
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    Scenes that made you cry, teary or shiver?

    I felt something on the Goodbye Pikachu episode, but it was gas.
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    is an uber ice/dragon type plausable

    It really depends on how good it's stats are.
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    Pokemon Stadium vs Pokemon Battle Revolution

    Pokemon Stadium 2 hands down. PBR was crap.
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    Nickname Discussion

    My Psyduck's nickname: Quackers Quack + Crackers = Quackers :D
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    Naruto characters as pokemon?

    Naruto = Ninetales Sasuke = Luxray That's all I could really think of at the moment.
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    why there are no bug, fighting and pison LEGENDARIES?

    This. I think pokemon still has a long way to go and these types will eventually get legendaries.
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    Do U Think Paul Can Beat Ash with all his best pokemon?

    I don't think Ash stands a chance against Paul but Ash is the hero so he will win somehow.
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    were they really in the game?

    PBR was nothing like the Pokemon Stadium games.
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    were they really in the game?

    I agree. They removed way too many things that made these games great such as the RPG story lines, the Rentals, and Mini Games. PBR was nothing more than a crappy 3-D battle simulator and nothing else. It was like half a game.
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    Paul is one of the best characters to come into the series in years. He's the perfect rival for Ash because he is the exact opposite of him and pushes him to his limit. I also love his team.
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    additional level of evolution

    I'm fine with three but if they decided to add four or more I think it would be fine and wouldn't really be that complicated.
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    I didn't really care for Conway much. He was just a nerdy trainer that had a crush on Dawn and no real impact on the story.
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    pokemon's soft appearance

    I think there is a good balance of cutesy pokemon and fierce looking pokemon. Although the cutesy ones are mostly un-evolved and the fierce ones are mostly evolved.
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    Best representative of the grass type?

    Torterra, that grass/ground combo is lovely.
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    How old are you? (For a bet!)

    I'm 20 and started with Blue Version back in 1998.
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    Most Useful Pokemon?

    Blastoise because he has good defenses and can learn attacks such as earthquake and ice beam to cover his grass and electric weaknesses. He's an all around good pokemon and he's my favorite.
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    What do/don't you miss about the old games?

    I miss people not caring about EV's, IV's, and Natures...
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    Jesse and James in the early pokemon episodes.