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    Any YouTubers in the community?

    Thats a shame you stopped,Id like to watch this lol Youtube is a hard game though,its like a second job your not getting payed for lol but it is fun.
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    Any YouTubers in the community?

    Sorry to the MODS if this is in the wrong place,or if I made this thread before (I couldnt find it after looking to be fair) but im wondering if there is any youtubers on the Serebii community? I only started out a month back and Im finding it fun,would like to see other peoples content and...
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    The Youtube thread

    Funny enough I just started a Youtube channel. heres a video from it. https://youtu.be/cYFmsAxgMho
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    Things that grind your gears!

    Gloom.....worst PKM ever.
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    Things that aren't Pokemon yet

    A platapus would be good.
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    Which real life place would you like to see as a pokemon region?

    Australia. With all the wildlife here and diffrent terrains,would make a good concept.
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    Libya conflict,and the western involvement.

    So I woke up this morning turned on the early news to see that Gaddafi (Libya dictator) had retaliated against rebel forces,and the interview showed the rebels preparing for a civil war.Then the reports turn to clip of a US ship arriving close to Libya's shore,and apparently British,and Canadian...
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    The MOST evil character

    Agreed!! Id have to say Buu off Dragonball Z,Leather face of Texas chainsaw,in fact that whole family was evil.
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    can you draw

    Iv been drawing for 13 years since I was nine.
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    Im Australian,and i find it amusing how the rest of the world portrays our accent to that similar to the late Steve Irwin,where Id consider that as a outback/country accent.
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    Portrayal of Men in Society? Bad for XYs?

    I was talking about this,I don't see how the bad actions or stupid stereotypes other men can get some one down about them selves,that they consider it a crime or sin to be a man. P.S the man up thing was a pun,I guess i keep forgetting how sensitive jokes are on forums.
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    Portrayal of Men in Society? Bad for XYs?

    To all the self hating males,how but you man up,and stop being so down on yourself.I mean are you a rapist or woman beater? I'm guessing no,if so you should be proud of who you are.I'm proud of being male,I have equal respect for woman,and as long as your remember,its not down to sex,race,or...
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    Jurassic Park

    Wait, so let me get this straight,the subject is JP franchise,the movies the novels etc,yet i bring up one point of a possible trilogy,which does in fact relate to this topic,and Im off topic,thats what I think your implying.
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    Jurassic Park

    I believe the subject is JP,so i guess that means all things Jp,Does it not?
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    Jurassic Park

    That sounds interesting do you happen to know the name of this movie,the Congo seems like a good place to set a movie like that.
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    Jurassic Park

    Ive love Jurassic Park since i was a little kid,I read the book in high school and i enjoyed it more then the movie as a kid,don't get me wrong Jurassic Park is still my favourite movie,its just that the book had better parts in it that i think should of ended up in the movie.TLW was the first...
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    Cloning Extinct animals

    Elaborate,I would like to your facts on how its "beyond our technology".
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    Cloning Extinct animals

    Lets be hypothetical about ONE Velociraptor getting loose,I very much doubt the population would drop dramatically,as it would be easy located and destroyed. As for the people who think an animal wouldn't survive due to climate change,Who says that they couldn't make and artificial climate...
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    Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

    You know i agree, the world in this gen is really fresh with the seasons and what have you,but some of those pokemon look amateur jobs,BUT to be fair ill have to wait to see them in movement to judge there sprites.
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    Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Jaroda (Smuglord),Yanakki (2nd form grass monkey) ,Gamageroge (toad with warts),Warabiaru (croc t-rex cross fav so far),Aakeosu (feathed Bird dino thing),Denchua (electric spider),Ononokusu (Tusk dragon),Tsunbeau (polar bear),Kuimugan (red head dragon),Wargle,and Sazando (hydra).These are my...