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  1. Chozo

    2009 Fanfiction Awards - RESULTS

    1. Ten people actually read my story? =O 2. I won? oh god i am so sorry
  2. Chozo

    Before I start writing more...

    Why not just write in third-person, then? When focusing on your character use a more limited third-person perspective, and branch out to a more "global" perspective when necessary. Eh, I've never liked these. You should weave details like these into your actual story, rather than a boring...
  3. Chozo

    The Zero Reviews Case

    I think the fundamental disconnect is between why reviewers review and what writers actually want reviews for. IJuggler kind of touched on this, but writing a good, useful review is actually pretty hard. It's pretty easy to tell whether you like or dislike something based on your gut...
  4. Chozo

    Don't you hate this!

    This is pretty much why I CTRL+s everytime I type something up. Even if I do decide to change it back later, it's usually fresh enough in my head that the constant saving doesn't really get in the way. Of course, I'm one of those people who will obsessively save every 10 steps in a game if...
  5. Chozo

    What makes a fic popular?

    Nice to see it only took ten posts for this thread to begin down its inevitable path to despair and oblivion.
  6. Chozo

    The Limits of Kindness (HG/SS entry)

    Might as well HOW AWESOME AM I SO AWESOME respond to questions: Fair enough. In my defense, I've always envisioned Stonewall as an egotist that likes to talk a really big game and which is supposed to come off as strange/slightly absurd considering he's pretty low on the Pokemon food chain...
  7. Chozo

    Pffft, people getting credit for the things they made. The gall of it all! Next thing you know...

    Pffft, people getting credit for the things they made. The gall of it all! Next thing you know they'll be demanding respect and shelter and food on top of that! Give an inch and take a mile!
  8. Chozo

    The Limits of Kindness (HG/SS entry)

    The pair of Raticate traveled through the forest towards the Burned Tower, Alexis’ scent growing stronger by the minute. The growing number of ruined buildings that were now almost unrecognizable from their original function due to the amount of foliage covering them helped confirm that they...
  9. Chozo

    The Limits of Kindness (HG/SS entry)

    “I’m sorry, what?” A man’s voice. Tired. Knows that an argument is coming but at the same time would very much not like to have to fight it. “I. Want. Him.” A girl’s voice. Speaking like she’s talking to the dumbest human being on the planet. Probably true. “If you want a...
  10. Chozo

    The Limits of Kindness (HG/SS entry)

    Rated PG-13 for violence, innuendo, and bad words. This got first place in the Serebii HG/SS one-shot contest despite not getting first place from any individual judge. Mediocrity sells, kids! Anyway, I wrote this one-shot as a side story/prequel of sorts to Penultimate, a fact that I...
  11. Chozo

    Heart and Soul: The one shot Contest!

    I win!? Hrm hm hm hm, hrm hm hm hm And here I thought my tl;dr and preachy wankery philosophy lecture(s) would have sunk my chances of ever getting above 10th place. Guess not! Had a reply to the judges typed up, but couldn't get the spoiler tags to work and figured no one else wanted...
  12. Chozo

    Poll: Japanese Naming in Fic

    I voted "not comfortable". TBH there are times where using Japanese names can work, but I don't think this is one of those times. Pokemon was conceived by a Japanese man working with a Japanese concept artist working with a programming team full of Japanese men. Your argument is...Pokemon is...
  13. Chozo

    Heart and Soul: The one shot Contest!

    Haha, by the time I was finished editing it was 50 (well, 49.2ish to be more specific).
  14. Chozo

    Heart and Soul: The one shot Contest!

    Sent my entry, all seven (!) PMs of it. I could send it as a Word file or something if that would be easier but...yeah. But hey, at least part 7's pretty short.
  15. Chozo

    Heart and Soul: The one shot Contest!

    Almost done editing my magnum opus =D One month later "Chozo's story is last place because Chozo is a stupid tl;dr fathead who is fat" =(
  16. Chozo

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: A Story with a Twist

    A story where the OP hasn't read the stickies, doesn't have a story and doesn't know how to copy-paste? What a tweest!
  17. Chozo

    Heart and Soul: The one shot Contest!

    Pretty sure anything in "short story" format (begins and ends in one piece) is okay. Of course, given that there's four days to go I don't think you're going to be turning out anything huge unless you're a literary god.
  18. Chozo


  19. Chozo

    Heart and Soul: The one shot Contest!

    31 pages in, 4 days to go. I CAN DO EET Oh, and whoever at Nintendo decided that Ecruteak should have two different versions of the legend of the towers between the game and the anime is awesome, because I get to BS my own version and not have it be wrong because technically not even the canon...
  20. Chozo

    A Question About Songs

    Found a good essay on songfics while I was poking around for other stuff a while ago, and this thread is as good as any other to post it in: http://ljconstantine.com/column7.htm