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  1. _Suicune_

    QUICK TRADING THREAD [Scarlet & Violet]

    Hello! I’m looking for a Koraidon quick dex touch trade. I can touch trade Miraidon in exchange or any other Pokémon. Edit: Completed, thanks Chris!
  2. _Suicune_

    Looking for these!

    I have a Hawlucha and Torkoal if you still need those, and looking for a Drampa if you had one.
  3. _Suicune_

    LF: Arctovish FT: Arctozolt, Dracozolt,Dracovish or LF: Dino Fossil FT: Drake Fossil, Fish(Complete)

    Hi! I have both a Malamar and Mawile to trade if interested. If you had one looking for a Drampa, Oranguru, or Vullaby. Also have an Arctovish if you still need one.
  4. _Suicune_


    LF: Dex trades for entry only with trade back - Zamazenta - Eiscue - Drampa - Oranguru - Vullaby - Mandibuzz - Accelgor - Aromatisse FT: Sword exclusives, and most any other Pokémon if you need their dex info. If interested in helping can reply here or message directly - thanks!
  5. _Suicune_

    Mecha Moth's Trading Emporium ~Shinies & Events~

    That's alright. I will be on most of today if you are free. A few hours now, and then a few later in the day.
  6. _Suicune_

    Mecha Moth's Trading Emporium ~Shinies & Events~

    Cool. I will be online for the next few hours, if you are able to trade.
  7. _Suicune_

    Mecha Moth's Trading Emporium ~Shinies & Events~

    Hi there! Hope the vacation was good. I am free to trade most of tomorrow and the next day, if either works for you =]
  8. _Suicune_

    Mecha Moth's Trading Emporium ~Shinies & Events~

    Sorry for the delay. Been away while starting a new job. That's okay. I have a few shinys on your list. All obtained by me. I have a togepi (can evolve to togetic before or trade as is), a Sunflora, Ninjask, Boldore. All from Friend Safari. Also have two I have breed. A Slakoth in a...
  9. _Suicune_

    Mecha Moth's Trading Emporium ~Shinies & Events~

    Interested in: Shiny Tapu Koko Offering: Lance's Dragonite. Bold nature. 31/31/31/31/31/x. Obtained by me and UT 3DS Name: PapaJon Friend Code: 4356-0559-7543 Trainer Name: Canary Do you need clones (Yes/No): Yes. Just 1 back please.
  10. _Suicune_

    Mecha Moth's Trading Emporium

    Interested in: Shiny Diancie - PC Mega Evolution Promotion Offering: Shiny Manaphy Lv. 1, OT: Anthony, Jolly nature with "above average" potential. Was traded to me years ago by a person on here and is cloned, but I fully believe it to be legit. Don't know exact stats, but none are perfect...
  11. _Suicune_

    Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~

    Friend Code: 4356-0559-7543 Pokemon in My Safari: Slugma, Ponyta, Fletchinder Friend Code: 0190-2417-0777 Pokemon in My Safari: DoDuo, Swanna, Tropius Like others, looking to add as many extra safaris as possible. Have much more space on my second FC though. Specific wants would be...
  12. _Suicune_

    ~ Official Pokémon News Discussion Thread ~ [POST POKEMON NEWS HERE]

    I went to EBgames today, and the guy there said they won't have Mew codes until the middle or end of the month. He did seem to talk as if it would come to NZ though. Not sure why it would be delayed like Hoopa was, but not for Australia too this time.
  13. _Suicune_

    Item & Pokerus Trading Thread

    Hello! I'm looking for Dawn, Dusk, Thunder, and Shiny stones. Can trade any BP items (Ability Capsules would need to be for 3 stones).
  14. _Suicune_

    Bank Ball Trading Thread

    Looking for a female Dream Ball Omanyte. Doesn't need it's HA or any IV's/eggmoves. Can offer DreamBall Mareep, Castform, Eevee, Gastly, Rhyhorn, Igglybuff, Chimecho, Ralts, Skitty, Spoink, and Slakoth.
  15. _Suicune_

    ♥ JoJo 22 ★'s Frozen Paradise

    The Shaymin is not UT. Just want to make sure that is clear. If you still wanted to trade, I am free most of today. FC and all are in my signature.
  16. _Suicune_

    ♥ JoJo 22 ★'s Frozen Paradise

    I have an Oblivia Shaymin to perhaps trade for your Meloetta? It is touched at lv 70.
  17. _Suicune_

    Shiny Trading Thread

    Hello! I'm looking for the following event shinies: Carlita's Hydreigon VGC09 Milotic VGC12 Larvitar VGC Arash Mamoswine Summer 2013 Palkia and Giratina As well as shinies of Mesprit, Regigigas, Darkrai, and Shaymin. Will consider most offers of any shiny I don't have as well. Clones are...
  18. _Suicune_

    [GIVEAWAY] 5x Shiny Tanabata Jirachi & 5x Movie 2014 Diancie

    Jirachi: 4 Diancie: 444 FC: 4356-0559-7543 Serena
  19. _Suicune_

    "Is my pokemon hacked?" (A Hack-Check Thread)

    thank you starfire_jirachi about my yanmega :D i have a NZ Jirachi with the same date except mine is Lax nature. so does that mean that mine is legit too?
  20. _Suicune_

    "Is my pokemon hacked?" (A Hack-Check Thread)

    Shiny Yanmega Nickname: japanese (it's name in japanese) OT: japanese OT Gender: blue ID: 31073 EVs (if known/estimated): unknown IVs (if known/calculated): unknown Nature: Sassy Characteristic: Impetuous and silly Ability: Tinted Lens Moves: SonicBoom, Quick attack, Pursuit...