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    Hats off to DPPt!

    I really like the hat theme, but Marowak's isn't exactly like the rest. Wouldn't something like Probopass or Mismagius fit a little bit better since they wear actual hats? :) Otherwise, even despite the theme, these pokemon actually LOOK very good together, and their moves seem rather good...
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    Oriental Mythos team

    (it annoys me I cannot quote more than one person...that's stupid) Anyway, I did concider a Zigzagoon for Tanuki, but again, it comes down to usefulness, and while you can (obviously) tell that there's little slot in my mind for "POWA, GIMME POWA!!" a Zigzagoon just doesn't quite heavily seem...
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    Oriental Mythos team

    Eh, I'm not going to go with Shedinja. Honestly, not my cup of tea and I said, there's nothing truly tying it down to Japanese mythos. And as far as: I've been looking around but I really can't spot any specific pokemon that have any association with an oni. Any recommendations? Like...
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    Oriental Mythos team

    ^^ Wow, I'm actually flattered that you and the other poster like this theme! I think there's a heavier focus on dark and ghost, because in Japan many of the creatures that belong to those myths, specifically the Tengu, and the Jibakurei (evil stone) are very potently and inadvertently Evil...
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    Oriental Mythos team

    Thanks a lot. :) As for Ninetales, I was kind of concidering Will-o-Wisp mainly for the whole effect of Japanese spirit, which is basically what a will-o-wisp is, more-so than for it's usefulness, which concidering that Ninetales isn't too good at taking blows, a physical tamper wouldn't be...
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    Oriental Mythos team

    I was wondering if you guys can help me with the creation of a team. In Emerald I'd recently made a Ninja Team, which went quite successful, albeit limited on choices since I realized there's not all that many ninja-ish pokemon. However, in Soul Silver, I'm currently constructing a Japanese...
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    The elusive Ho-oh

    Hah! Wow, I never knew about that tid-bit, but that's immensely cool to know. I guess it also explains the direct visual and atmospheric split between the third gen from the rest. Still, the Ho-oh meeting could happen if a conclusive end came to THIS story ark, but again, highly unlikely...
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    The elusive Ho-oh

    This is something that I have a variety of questions about. I've been watching the movies recently (stopped watching the anime a looong time ago, mainly due to work, school, etc and a heavier focus on the games), but one thing that the movies refreshed in my mind that the anime used to always...
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    Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver General Discussion Thread

    I don't feel like wasting space remarking on this in a completely new thread, but just curious, does anyone find the Lavender town song worse in Johto's games than in the Kanto game? either way, I like this variant far more than the GBC one. I'm actually loving the soundtrack of this game so...
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    Anything in HGSS make you angry/confused?

    Only thing I'm bothered by is people saying that Heart Gold has better Pokemon than Soul Silver. I highly disagree. From things like Skarmory, to Ninetales, Ursaring, and Groudon, I don't see what the big deal is. It's completely up to taste in my eyes. I'd rather have Vulpix than...
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    Team Plans in General

    Hmm I've been having a very hard time deciding, but an idea that's lingering in my head right now is Feraligatr Jirachi Kecleon Banette Ninjask Steelix/ Scizor
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    What Pokemon Will you have follow you?

    Oooh you make me even more impatient!
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    What Pokemon Will you have follow you?

    My Kecleon, for sure. If not Kecleon, then either Mew, Jirachi, or Spinda. I wonder what the hell a Dragonair would look like, since the sprites are so little, and that pokemon's so long.....
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    Usual opinions.

    I'm sure there's stuff that we all think on occassion, and things that we like, yet rarely say due to how much it conflicts with the normal opinion. For example: My two favourite generations in terms of their TOTAL IMAGE AND EVERYTHING were Hoenn and Sinnoh. I like the Fourth Generation...
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    Type Combinations yet to be seen-

    Spacialrend: There is a fire rock. We have Magcargo. Toastman: As for a fire steel we have Heatran as mentioned above. I'd love the see the prospect of a Dark Psychic. That would make its only weakness four times bug. I would like that. Not to mention immune to Psychic which is always...
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    Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver General Discussion Thread

    I'll be picking up Soul Silver and most likely start with Totodile. I already have a great meganium running around my platinum, and Feraligatr is GORGEOUS in his spritework for Soul Silver. :3
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    Rate Your Nicknames!

    Mine work in themes. Since I had an in-game team of Kecleons, their names were based on the three that I made. Kecleon 1 - Thermo Kecleon 2 - Optic Kecleon 3 - Camouflage It was the basic sci-fi term for thermo-optic camouflage which is a suit that grants invisibility. Otherwise...
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    You don't hate Gen IV do you?

    My opinion remains very separate from generation to generation - each generation has the strong, and the weak. I always found the first original pokemon games to be kind of a drag to be honest, and played theme merely for the wonderful pokemon designs such as Gyarados (which I oddly don't...
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    Your oldest pokemon?

    I had a mew on my Crystal that was 11 years old, way back from Red in 1999, but my file died.... Otherwise for the current, usable gen pokemon, probably my Kecleon, Thermo, from my Emerald game.
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    Strange quotes

    lmfao Yeeeah the professors sure do have a way with words, and comings...and goings. The pokemaniacs do weird me out immensely. As for the Sailor that likes Feisty kids like me? O_o Ugh, thank god I'm not a little kid or else I'd feel confused, and immensely violated.