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  1. Mestorn

    Community POTW #018

    Azumarill's line first appeared in the short Pikachu's vacation before the Pokémon movie, having scores of kids scour Kanto looking for this Fabled "Pikablu" said to be stronger than even Mewtwo. While Azumarill's first appearance definitely did not live up to the hype, several generations of...
  2. Mestorn

    Community POTW #017

    Pikachu is a shining example of why Power isn't everything. Doesn't matter if you hit comparably to Groudon when you have the defenses of wet rice paper. Seriously, Dugtrio compares favorably to Pikachu defensively and Dugtrio's defensive utility is non existent. Base 90 speed is not bad, but on...
  3. Mestorn

    Community POTW #016

    Of the 3 new Unaware users in Gen IX, Clodsire is the weakest, but still has strong points that have it stand out. Unlike Skeledirge, Dondozo and the available Quagsire Classic, Clodsire has phenomenal Special Bulk as opposed to the other's physical. Furthermore, it is the first Ground Poison...
  4. Mestorn

    Community POTW #014

    Not right now. In generation 6 ORAS, Greninja was explicitly banned to Ubers once it got Gunk Shot as coverage for Protean allowing it to turn the tables on the Specially defensive Fairy types, and used to great effect in Gen 7 for the Tapus (along with Dig for a Tectonic rage to cut down...
  5. Mestorn

    Community POTW #013

    But Mooooom, if we get Chi Yu with Chi Yu at home we can melt even more stuff: 252 SpA Choice Specs Solar Power Tera Fire Beads of Ruin Charizard Overheat vs. 252 HP / 252+ SpD Blissey in Sun: 656-774 (91.8 - 108.4%) -- 50% chance to OHKO
  6. Mestorn

    Community POTW #013

    Charizard is definitely overrated, being the OG Dragon we all got to own as a kid/teen/young adult/adult/etc. However it is not completely without Merit. While Fire Flying is plagued by common weaknesses in Water, Electric and a cripping 4 times weakness to Stealth Rock, 6 resistances and 1...
  7. Mestorn

    Community POTW #012

    Eelektross is a classic case of Jack of All Most Trades, master of none, much to its detriment. Which is a shame cause there is a lot of good going for it. Balanced Offensive stats and a wide movepool with coverage options most Electric types would kill for is a great start. Levitate is a good...
  8. Mestorn

    Community POTW #011

    Maushold is an interesting Gimmick Pokémon, from its evolution method (it can literally evolve offscreen [no one knows where the new mouse came from]) to its signature attacks. Fun Fact, the Japanese name of Population Bomb is nezumizan, which roughly translates to "mouse math" or alternatively...
  9. Mestorn

    Community POTW #010

    Garchomp is a beast. I mean, that is expected of any Pseudo-Legendary, but Garchomp takes it to another level. Of all the Pseudo Legends throughout the generations, only Garchomp has consistently remained in OU barring when it was banned from that to Ubers in Gen 4. No other Pseudo Legend can...
  10. Mestorn

    Community POTW #009

    Komala is another Gimmick Pokémon whose primary benefit of the Gimmick (Status Immunity) is outdone by others. Garganacl's Purifying Salt outright blows Komala's Comatose out of the water. So that leaves Komala with a small niche as the best Sleep Talk Abuser in the game. From randomized...
  11. Mestorn

    Community POTW #008

    Donphan really falls into the shadow of its own Paradox forms. If one of them didn't exist, Donphan could arguably have a niche (Donphan has higher Attack than Iron Treads, and unlike Great Tusk, it gets Knock Off [as it turns out Great Tusk does get Knock Off. Thanks Divine for calling me...
  12. Mestorn

    Community POTW #007

    Ok, to dispel a myth. Tinkaton do not hunt Corviknight. Their Scarlet dex Entry: "This intelligent Pokémon has a very daring disposition. It knocks rocks into the sky with its hammer, aiming for flying Corviknight." Admittedly they probably wouldn't mind scavenging a Corviknight's corpse/shed...
  13. Mestorn

    Community POTW #006

    Galarian Darmanitan Zen Mode was Ice Fire, so we've already had the typing, just in a limited form. Crabominable has a bit of potential. Ice Fighting is a potent STAB combination, that can hit 50% of all the base types for Super Effective and has no common resist, which with Crabominable's...
  14. Mestorn

    Community POTW #005

    Vivillon's only true niche is that it is the fastest reliable Sleep abuser (poor Darkrai and Toesdcruel) and is a good look into how broken Sleep Mechanics are. For Review, Sleep lasts 1-3 turns upon being afflicted, during which the target does nothing. Since this is not gen 5, the Sleep...
  15. Mestorn

    Community POTW #004

    What sort of cursed future produced this overpowered Delibird and what can we do to avoid it? All jokes aside, Iron Bundle is a potent force to be reckoned with. Base 136 Speed is patently absurd, tying with Barraskewda with only the Ice Weak Dragapult and Subpar Electrode being faster. And on...
  16. Mestorn

    Community POTW #003

    There are other formats aside from Smogon. So have to balance formats where Palafin is allowed and others where it is not. Same reason why Baton Pass is even being suggested. But yeah, conversations assuming where Palafin is banned are likely to be more healthy and allow Quaquaval to shine.
  17. Mestorn

    Community POTW #003

    And just when you thought you got away from Moxie Max Airstream Strats... Gamefreak pulls you back in... Quaquaval's Aqua Step completes the tri-fecta of absurd starter STABs. What was once a decent sweeper let down by its slightly below average speed, Quaquaval's signature move instantly...
  18. Mestorn

    Community POTW #002

    Skeledirge is an interesting Pokémon. One of 3 new Unaware users, Skeledirge gets a lot of hype for that ability alone, as it is an all around excellent ability that has ensured that Clefable and Quagsire have seen consistent use throughout the years. And unlike other potential defensive...
  19. Mestorn

    Community POTW #001

    I can see Meowscarada having a bit of utility in VGC/Doubles. Just like Urshifu Single's Wicked Blow in the previous generation, Flower Trick ignores Intimidate and Parting Shot, STAB Knock Off is always fantastic, and a base 123 Speed is quite fast, enabling it to get the jump on most of the...
  20. Mestorn

    Community POTW #155

    When Togekiss first showed how brutal Serene Grace could be in Diamond and Pearl, we all breathed a slight sigh of relief that Togekiss was not that naturally fast of a Pokémon, thus requiring setup to get to the truly tortuous Flinch Hax conditions. Then Platinum came and one upped Togekiss...