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  1. Jersey Jimmy

    Understanding an Inferno

    Chapter 8: Figure Eights in My Head LILI✝H - today at 1:16 AM are you around? need to ask you about something. Achroma - today at 1:19 AM Sure, what is it you need? LILI✝H - today at 1:20 AM alright, so. remember how I mentioned I went to chargestone caverns? while I was there I came across...
  2. Jersey Jimmy

    Understanding an Inferno

    Chapter 7: How's the Weather Down There? As Asuka’s car began to come up on the Mistralton city limits and the skyline came into view, Rei heaved a sigh of relief. Not that the ride had been a bad experience; far from it, in fact, considering she had the redhead to talk to. It was just that...
  3. Jersey Jimmy

    Understanding an Inferno

    Chapter 6: The New What Next “...So then Blaziken hurled Zebstrika up into the air, we gave her a High Jump Kick on the way back down, and... that was enough! So not only did we actually win the whole thing, we dug ourselves outta that hole to do it! Not bad, nicht?” Asuka maintained her...
  4. Jersey Jimmy

    Understanding an Inferno

    Chapter 5: Rookie of the Year Going into her quarterfinal matchup against Clay, everyone had more or less written Asuka off. Her first-round bout spelled it out pretty clearly: she wasn’t herself. If she’d come that close to losing to Cilan, her mind was clearly somewhere other than...
  5. Jersey Jimmy

    Does any one feel like Pokemon is regressing as a series?

    my take is that the anime peaked with DP, which, wow, original take I know. they tried some different things in BW, and while not all of it worked, they at least tried to make things interesting. in comparison, XY and JN feel like little more than the most basic of basic shonen - and, really, I...
  6. Jersey Jimmy

    Understanding an Inferno

    Chapter 4: If You Think We're Talking About You, We Are "You know, between yourself and your cousin... the resemblance is uncanny." "Right? Yeah, people used to get Erin and I confused all the time... hell, even now, she tells me she gets pulled aside for autographs by people who think she's...
  7. Jersey Jimmy

    The Official WWE/AEW Thread, Brother!

    the fact that the only semi-interesting match on the card ended in a DQ should really tell you all you need to know. the Rumble was the first WWE show I'd watched since Extreme Rules (which I only watched expecting it to be the worst show of 2021, which it was), and god, it's like watching the...
  8. Jersey Jimmy

    Understanding an Inferno

    Chapter 3: 6th Avenue Nightmare “...so, that’s what Unovan theatre is like. I will say, it has significantly more... spectacle than anything I have experienced back home.” Rei weaved through a mass of patrons pouring out from Nimbasa’s historic Butternut Street Theatre - all of them looking...
  9. Jersey Jimmy

    I Love You; I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do (Gracefulshipping/MikuNagi) (Rated PG)

    god, it is absolutely criminal nobody has responded to this yet. this was ridiculously heartwarming to read! your characterizations of both Wallace and Winona are absolutely spot-on, there's just enough humor sprinkled in there, and the final proposal itself is masterfully written. fantastic...
  10. Jersey Jimmy

    Understanding an Inferno

    Chapter 2: A Postcard Would Be Nice “...Mr. Langley? Are... you here?” For such a sizable home located in one of Nimbasa’s nicest neighborhoods, the Langley household had proven to be eerily quiet ever since Rei’s arrival. She was sure she would’ve welcomed such an environment at first, but...
  11. Jersey Jimmy

    Understanding an Inferno

    Chapter 1: Skylines and Turnstiles Rei’s gaze remained locked on her student visa’s portrait, just as it had been for the past few dozen miles of this seemingly-eternal flight. She’d bothered to force a smile onto her face when they took the picture; she still wasn’t entirely sure why. Her...
  12. Jersey Jimmy

    Understanding an Inferno

    Sent off to Nimbasa for six months as an exchange student, Rei Ayanami finds herself living under the same roof as one of the Unova League's biggest rising stars, Asuka Langley Soryu. She isn't exactly sure if she's prepared for everything that entails, though. FOREWORD For almost five years...
  13. Jersey Jimmy

    Leaf's official name in the games and anime? What do you think GameFreak will canonically name her?

    Yeah, Leaf isn't Blue. Just as Barry from the anime isn't Pearl from the manga. Leaf doesn't have an official name; it's just from the internal game data. I think out of everything, Leaf (Fuguri in Japanese) is the best available option and should be what they go with if they ever settle on a...
  14. Jersey Jimmy

    Did you feel that Pokémon’s popularity started waning once we got to Gen 3?

    Of course it did. As incredible as it may be to think about, Pokemon was a fad. Like Pogs. Or MySpace. Hell, with Go, it was a fad twice over. I think it comes down to it having the backing of Nintendo, ultimately. There's a dedicated player base built in there (not to mention pockets deeper...
  15. Jersey Jimmy

    Which Pokemon region are you in the most?

    It has to be Unova, particularly in B2W2. I already loved the region thanks to it being based on New York, but then they went added a ton of new locations that blew any third version that came before out of the water. Virbank, Nimbasa, and Driftveil are some of my favorite places in the entire...
  16. Jersey Jimmy

    If Ash could bring one of his previous Pokemon with him into the next region, who should he bring?

    I think I'm gonna join the Scraggy crowd here, though I'm probably biased considering Scrafty is one of my personal favorites. Still, it'd be nice to see the little dude get some more screen time and finally evolve.
  17. Jersey Jimmy

    If your anime character was a Pokemon Trainer

    It's funny, because I have an entire RP blog dedicated to this idea. But, to keep it simple... Character: Rei Ayanami Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion Title: First Child Specialty: "Artificial" and alien Pokemon Region: Sinnoh Pokemon 1: Porygon-Z Pokemon 2: (Mega) Banette Pokemon 3: Golurk...
  18. Jersey Jimmy

    The Official Member x Fictional Character Claiming Thread

    lmao sure, why not SkatePunkShipping - Roxie (Pokemon) x Jersey Jimmy
  19. Jersey Jimmy

    Should Ash Be More Serious Or Comical?

    I think leaning more towards the comical side is best. He's the main character, so I want to be interested in him. In that regard, I prefer goofy idiot hero Ash, not boring shonen hero Ash.
  20. Jersey Jimmy

    Create/Rename/Change Anything and Everything

    Quakeon, the Tectonic Pokemon Type: Ground Abilities: Sand Veil, Sand Force (hidden) Evolution: Level up Eevee during a sandstorm Stats HP: 65 Attack: 130 Defense: 95 Sp. Attack: 60 Sp. Defense: 65 Speed: 110 Learnset 1: Magnitude 1: Helping Hand 1: Tackle 1: Tail Whip Evo: Magnitude 5: Sand...