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    Scammed in #SPP-wifi?! Post here!

    Name(s) (on chat): AAAfirst In-game Name: Don't remember Hostmask*: SPPGuest Friend Code: 1205 3298 4350 The Story (What Happened): Used hacked pokemon in battle, like a Ninjask with explosion and a shiny Slaking without truant. I beat him dispite the hax, and he disconnected.
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    Dawn + Togekiss = ???

    I would have disliked the Togepi/tic/kiss capture just as much if any main character had one previously, just as I disliked Hikari getting a Hinoarashi and Haruka getting Zenigame (Fushigidane on the other hand is exempt from my disapproval).
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    Dawn + Togekiss = ???

    I am shocked. Granted that will be nice, but they couldn't have just showcased Togekiss as a pokémon of the day? As is, it begs the question of why they wasted the potential of the original Togepi and had it do nothing of interest in over 200 episodes, only to reinvent the wheel with such a...
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    Dawn + Togekiss = ???

    Goodness knows we haven't had enough repitition with the main characters' pokémon, let alone reasons for the main girls to be compared ad nauseum. Horrible idea in this man's opinion.
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    What Strategy will Ash use when he faces Paul at the Pokemon League?

    Only the best strategy of course - Aiming for the horn while setting off the sprinklers, using ice beam on the webs, and most importantly, abusing the ultimate shining golden powaa-uppu of justice. Also, Lizardon. The question then is, which two pokemon will be left in a hyper-dramatic...
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    Theory: There is no new league rival in the DP opening

    Quite right. It is necessary to drag said excrement over as many commercial breaks as possible in order to achieve maximum climactastical marketing efficiency.
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    Theory: There is no new league rival in the DP opening

    Whoever happens to be in the climactic league battle, here's betting that it will be done by the worst animation team.
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    Will Brock get a rival for pokemon breeding?

    If you ask me, a much more interesting rival for Takeshi would have little or nothing to do with pokémon at all. Like others have said, he isn't especially the competitive type when it comes to that, and his career path is always treated vaguely even in the few instances that it has been...
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    Brock and james are actualy friends?

    I think it's fair to say that in an odd kind of way, all the Rockets are friends of the protagonists. Sure they always try to steal Pikachu and company, but in their countless failings they've proven to be merely a nuisance rather than a serious threat, and if it weren't for them getting...
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    Hey PB, long time no chat. Sorry it took me so long to notice your message lol - my visits here...

    Hey PB, long time no chat. Sorry it took me so long to notice your message lol - my visits here are pretty irregular these days. Anyways, I'm doing well, winter break and all that fun crap. What've you been up to? o:
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    The Treasure is All Mine! (621)

    True, but ten years from now, who knows?
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    The Treasure is All Mine! (621)

    Basically my thoughts as well. It was a shame that we didn't get to see more of Rumika's frightening dominatrix skills, but being airlifted on a big couch by dozens of choppers and later blasting off with Kojirou and Nyasu were both lolworthy moments. ("Ii kanji desu waa~") Much more of a...
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    DP153 - Kojirou/James

    I failed to mention it, but this is made even more epic by the fact that I just finished breeding a killer Growlithe on Diamond the other day, before I heard about this episode. I know when I'lll be evolving it. :3
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    DP153 - Kojirou/James

    Wow, so not only are they actually addressing continuity and following through with the hints from DP 002 (unlike Jessie's loose ends in the Hoenn region), but Jessebelle and Growlie are actually going to be making an appearance?! I must say, this is far better than I had imagined, and easily...
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    DP153 - Kojirou/James

    It's episode titles like this that make me want to pick up the series again. Then I realize that it's exactly 100 episodes from where I left off and I have nowhere to watch all those. In any case, this sounds like it should be a great episode. My only concern is that with each successive...
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    Hey, it's no problem. I'm just not as active anymore so I didn't notice until now. :0

    Hey, it's no problem. I'm just not as active anymore so I didn't notice until now. :0
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    Do/Don't you think Gliscor will upstage Glalie?

    Yeah, it doesn't take all that much to upstage something that had maybe a dozen episodes of screen time at best, league battles or not.
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    would you have beeen surprised

    Where were you for the Jouto League episodes? Pretty much his entire Jouto roster got the shaft in favor of the Kanto starters. Again, in Jouto this is not the case as Heracross was his first capture and Noctowl was his last.
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    Believe in me believing in you!!!

    The general rule of thumb for bumping dead topics is one month.
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    More like a month, but that's ok. XD

    More like a month, but that's ok. XD