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    Exquisite Corpse: Kanto Trainer Fic

    *giggles* RIP Zubats... I absolutely loved the prophetic, over-powered Magikarp and how long he lasted before his ignominious end. Definitely my favourite character. This all remained pretty coherent, as well, which was surprising but delightful. I love how my part with the mildly-terrifying...
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    Exquisite Corpse: Episode of the Anime!

    I love the fact the when the 'doughnuts' appeared, the fact that they were really riceballs was a consistent conclusion. This was amazing...!
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    Exquisite Corpse: Creepypasta

    Ahhh, nevermind. It all worked out! I love what we all came up with :'3 I also successfully managed to guess JX and Psychic's contributions (and they were wonderful, as were they all) - but no one else's. For shame.
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    Exquisite Corpse: Creepypasta

    Oh my GOD, it does read a little like a nightmare. I love how it all developed - it works, kind of, albeit completely losing its beginning thread. Although if I'd known I was the last person, I wouldn't have looped the ending- I think I like it more when it ends when the little kid pushes. I...
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    The Serebii Exquisite Corpses

    Oh man, I don't know what happened to the Kanto Trainer Fic, but I like what I'm seeing. :') Edit: *cackles for a very, very long time* OH I HAD WAY TOO MUCH FUN WITH THAT. I have so many questions for the previous writers when this all finally finishes up. But for the mean while, I look...
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    The Serebii Exquisite Corpses

    THAT WAS FUN. Thank you, previous creepy-pasta writer, I liked your sentence. Barring any nitpicking over word choice, I think I'm actually done. :'3
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    The Serebii Exquisite Corpses

    Heeeey, can I sign up late? (I love these kinds of things) Username: katiekitten Which Exquisite Corpses you’re participating in: A Kanto Trainer Fic and Creepy Pasta. Do you want to be a first writer?: I'm a little late for that :x Preferred weeks: Any week before June. But I think we're fine...
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    The Origin of Storms

    SO GLAD I FINALLY READ THIS. SERIOUSLY. Kept me amazing company on a series of tram, train and plane rides <33 It's wonderful. Review/commentary (I should honest with myself) incoming. I cannot express my love enough for the opening scene... the way you developed the relationship of Esaax and...
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    The Fan Fiction Mafia

    Hey! :3 Thanks - and sorry to hear you've been feeling unwell...! Hope things are going better for you. Canon characters can be the worst and best kind of challenges. It's great to push yourself out of your comfort zone, but the wrong characters generates a lack of enthusiasm reproduces itself...
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    Drabble Dex

    These are amazing, bnb...! : D I must admit the Helioptile one is my favourite - I love the slightly sinister distinguishing between acceptable and inacceptable enslavement of Pokemon for manual labour. Wonderful hypocritical stinger, there. I giggled at the Scyther one, and the Scizor is...
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    <3333 This series really is lovely! I've been seeing you around for a while, and it was a pleasure to finally read one of your works. Even if my feedback is a month too late. Ah well. Feedback will mostly be on Grey, although I can't go any farther without telling you how WONDERFUL I found...
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    24 Months [one-shot]

    : D This is wonderful, DM...! The mother's disassociation, with brief periods where her 'old self' or a more frenetic outburst broke through, was as the others have said, lovely. I like, also, how this state of mind is evident in her from the moment her son decides to leave- the first entry...
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    Malaise [oneshot]

    Malaise A forest: evergreens and bare larches, snow-laden and silent save for the faint groans of the trees overhead. Breath coils around your nostrils as you run, turned to the wind. The ground is frost-hard. Drink air into your lungs. Draw it deep, taste. In the embrace of the hunt, the...
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    The Fan Fiction Mafia

    Hey! Another writer shuffling late into the thread. I have been away from both the forum and writing in general for all too long... It's lovely to see some familiar faces as well as a bunch of new ones. Nice to meet you all/see you all again. <3 Some topic answers, some user answers, and a new...
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    Rattled in Teeth and Torn from Bone [R]

    Rattled in Teeth and Torn from Bone [R] - oneshot Rating approved by the lovely bobandbill. Content warning: sexual themes/content from the start. Nothing explicit, though. This is set at least a decade after the events of Pokemon Black and White 1 - the characters involved are in their 20s...
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    Castle of the Vampire King (Rated R) Discussion

    Quick question, I missed what season it is... anybody know? :)
  17. K

    Castle of the Vampire King (Rated R) Discussion

    Hey guys! Late comer here. :) I'm writing up my first post, sorry for the delay - been moving home. x_x My character is bit of a weird one, I intended her to act like a civilian at first, but if there's anyone willing to take her under her wing, she is an extremely malleable potential ally. ;)
  18. K

    Castle of the Vampire King (Rated R)

    I'm also concerned about representing her heritage as an ethnic Russian Moldovian as respectfully and accurately as possible, and was planning on keeping an eye on both. ;) Message sent. <3 I have also added more to her appearance - better?
  19. K

    Castle of the Vampire King (Rated R)

    Name: Girl. Age and Gender: She has been permanently shifted since the age of 11, and therefore she remains that old mentally and, due to her time being spent solely as an animal, physically, despite her technical age (it’s been four years) - her time shifted passed as a series of dreams...
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    Castle of the Vampire King (Rated R)

    Hey! Can a late comer join the party? I'll make sure I'm fully caught up before inserting myself (if you choose to accept me of course ;3). (GOLDENHOUOU IS THAT YOU I SWEAR WE KEEP ON SEEING EACH OTHER EVERY COUPLE OF YEARS. consistency, we need consistency... probably primarily my fault...