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  1. CrySmile

    Opening an online store. We need advice from experienced

    What is necessary to pay attention to?
  2. CrySmile

    The party of your dreams. What is it like?

    Will your friends support you either way? Have a surprise party for them. Find a clearing or forest with a nice view. Send out beautiful flyer birthday party, get in cars and go somewhere, enjoy the sunset, listen to cool music, and be with your loved ones. It's sure to be unconventional and...
  3. CrySmile

    What is your dream job?

    I dream not to work))
  4. CrySmile

    What's your favorite food to have on the grill?

    it is a pity that you can choose only one answer. I like to cook and eat burgers, veal and pork steaks and salmon
  5. CrySmile

    What's your favorite topping to have on pizza?

    cheese, a lot of cheese
  6. CrySmile

    How do you celebrate Halloween?

    We buy several large pumpkins and cut them out with my daughter
  7. CrySmile

    How's the weather?

    the first warm day since the beginning of spring
  8. CrySmile

    Resident Evil Village

    I hope it will be exciting
  9. CrySmile

    When did you start Playing Video Games?

    Tetris on the Game Boy - but it's hard for me to call it a video game) Super Mario when it comes to cool graphics
  10. CrySmile

    What upcoming video games are you looking forward to?

    Resident Evil. It will be fire)) I won't leave the house for a week)
  11. CrySmile

    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    Dragons, dragons and more dragons !!)) I play in Dragon City. In general, an uncomplicated game, but addictive. I downloaded the mod and enjoy playing on my android https://technifiser.com/dragon-city/. What could be cooler than dragons? Game of Thrones is awesome! Dragon Dungeons are awesome...