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  1. arielthedandy

    arielthedandy's gallery

    It is my very good honor to meet you, good fellas, to this, my personal space of remembrance of my liking. Here, I shall share with you some of my work and hopefully, you may find something to your own liking. In the past, I used to visit different forums, now dead, and then fortune has brought...
  2. arielthedandy

    What's The Last Thing You Bought?

    Mc Donald's with Mario's themed happy meal with a toad on it's kart.
  3. arielthedandy

    What's your favorite book ?

    My absolute favorite gotta be "The picture of Dorian Grey", the way it is written is pure joy, just because of the pleasure of reading. I liked during a long time of my youth "The Stranger", but recently I've felt past my absurdist/existencialist phase and would have to revisit it to make sure...
  4. arielthedandy

    Things that annoy you - in general

    Thought I was only annoyed by hot weather but now I noticed a lot of people are usually sick during the cold and so I am, haha. That and my dried lips durig winter.
  5. arielthedandy

    Your favorite (blank) Pokemon

    Altaria. Favorite based on a dinosaur Pokémon?
  6. arielthedandy

    What are your thoughts on Team Star?

    I found it great that they formed a group for fixing an issue a lot of authorities just slack off, and then Clive trying to compensate things for everyone, bullies and non bullies alike. Combined with Arven's daddy issues, the game refers a lot to past generations lack of responsabilities (not...
  7. arielthedandy

    Favourite Music Tracks? (SPOILERS)

    I absolutely love roaming through the east province with it's unique theme. Reminded me a little bit of Wind Waker. And as many have mentioned, the team star songs are just amazing.
  8. arielthedandy

    Favorite Paldea Gym Leader? (SPOILERS)

    I really liked Katy. She was like a teacher that wants you to grow up and is a little bit condescending when needed, just about when you are starting your journey. During the rematch, she tells you that she always goes soft because all of the students starting off near her gym. Then she gives...
  9. arielthedandy

    Favorite Gen 9 Pokemon

    Ceruledge by far for me. It has a great design and a nice move pool. Ghost type has always been my favorite, so everything clicks for me. Baxcalibur's design based on Godzilla was great for me too, plus it's massive attack stat and good overall stats, at least for the adventure. Flamigo was...
  10. arielthedandy

    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    Fire Emblem Three Houses, I left it unfinished for months now since I couldn't play videogames that much, but I want to see the ending of it already. I've spent about 50 hours now and I think it will probably take me around 70. I've been playing some Capcom fightning collection and the new...
  11. arielthedandy

    How you feel after a Holiday is over

    When I was growing up, way too many things started to feel like lighter versions of what I lived as a kid, usually because my expectations were kind of high. Recently, I noticed that how I perceive the moments I live depends a lot on how I am feeling, or to to be more specific, how I want to...