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  1. J

    Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~

    Fairy type: Togepi Mawile, not sure what the last one is. Looking for any safari. Pm me once you have added me. F/C:4184-2670-5662
  2. J

    Super Training/EV/IV Thread

    Herp derp in berp
  3. J

    I would like to report somebody please.

    Hello I would like to report somebody please, while on serebii chat, i asked for help because somebody was being rude and insulting me on how much of a jew and how hitler was right or something his name was Kyle22 and someone esle i would like to report is LightningKimba because he/she was being...
  4. J

    need help with my dream team

    last pokemon is your choice btw. can be anything. oh yeah and do i ev train them? or just beat the E4 about 20 times??? Oh yeah sort out the chat i got kicked for asking someone if he was an op and i wa skicked for discussing action replay wow :/
  5. J

    need help with my dream team

    Righto the team i was is Magmortar lvl 33 impish faint attack fire blast confuse ray fire punch electivire lvl 73 timid thunder thunderbolt icepunch rhyperior lvl 59 adamant megahorn earthquake horn drill stone edge yanmega lvl 33 hasty anient power sonic boom detect...
  6. J

    My Sliver Team

    Rate my team please! Charizard Lvl:70 Male Item:charcoal Moveset: Flamerthrower Fly Dragon rage Fire blast (my charizard is not a HM slave) Umbreon Lvl: 66 *** (*** means shiny) Male Item:none Moveset: Psychic tail whip hyper beam shadow ball Blastoise lvl:68 *** (got...
  7. J

    Elder Scrolls

    hey how do u lvl up in oblivion quickly cos im lvl 12 and i have alot of stuff and i need to store it or get more room can anyone tell me how thanks
  8. J


    runescape is the crappist game i ever played all u do is walk around kill things and they die just the worst way in the world people u have to agree unless u love runescape and u play everyday of ur life play a better game like GTA4 or mx vs atm untamed something like that
  9. J

    an xbox 360 game called elder scrolls 4 oblivion

    ok this is really annoying i keep making a thread for this forums and all my theards have been closed it really starting to annoy me! (this is the right spelling so if u say its not well ur dumb then). If u have Oblivion morrorwind or any other elder scrolls games (Not sure about 1 and 2)...
  10. J

    Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion

    (this is the right spelling so if u say its not well ur dumb then). If u have Oblivion morrorwind or any other elder scrolls games (Not sure about 1 and 2) talk about it i need help with deadra armour glass elven and ebony armour and im looking for any good bow and arrows and weapons would...
  11. J

    Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion

    oblivion such a good game and i need to no were i can find dive rock and get the annoying fan im the grand champion and i havent got the guy who i wanna kill >=( and i wanna no how to get daedra without 50 luck and be lvl 20 - 25 i no ebony armour i can get that in a quest and looking for elven...
  12. J

    Fire team?

    lol how do u end the forums cos i wanna end this
  13. J

    Fire team?

    ffs i dont want any advice from anyone now cos they say most crappist attacks in the world like swords dance everyone might like but i dont.
  14. J

    Fire team?

    lol my rayquaza aint no hm slave i use him for many battles and just cos i use fly dont mean his a hm slave i never have hm slave people who have hm slaves a spiteful lol
  15. J

    Fire team?

    NO Rayquaza is pefectly fine with fly and if i didnt how could i get to the pokemon league u idoit infernapes is fine i just have to change some moves that r not the ones u said and charizard knows aerail ace and no i wont change blizzard i change aqua tail for focus blast dow
  16. J

    Fire team?

    erm the moves when u have to get to a certain lvl to have the move exp groudon lvl 80 Learns eurpion
  17. J

    Water team

    yes i no what u mean i would prefer a blastoise to a farligatr
  18. J

    Fire team?

    o crap i must been talking about the rong thing :S o i was looking at infernapes baby moves i do no whats down the bottom of the page thats were i get all the moves!
  19. J

    Help with Contructing my In-Game Diamond Team.

    jj10120 Tyranitar can't learn thunderpunch, and Gyro Ball is for very slow pokemon :) What? i didnt mean the thunder punch! i mean like set the moves nature and lvls out and i didnt no gyro ball for slow pokemon what shinytrainer or wat his name is said about setting up urteam like a thread
  20. J

    Water team

    brine is a good move and if u can get one of ur pokemon water spout u be beating ground fire etc cos its got 100 accuracy and 150 power (not effect on grass poison bug i think thats it) And no recoil