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    Gun Laws- Positive or Negative?

    Not exactly...the easiest is to jump off a cliff; no purchasing expensive guns and ammo required. And as far as the "guns are the reason..." thing. Umm, yeah, before guns, there were swords. People used to kill each other with those to solve their simple problems. ....and bows and arrows...
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    The joke thread

    An athiest skeptic is walking along the beach (as atheist skeptics are frequently wont to do) near a vacation resort he's spending the summer at; it's approaching sunset, and he's out enjoying the salty air, and walking over the cool, sea-shell littered sand. Suddenly, and inexplicably, a loud...
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    Reasons against Gay Marriage?

    I won't post beyond this because I'll get too passionate and start thinking very bad things about the people here....and I don't like thinking bad things about ya'll, because it hurts. No, they shouldn't be allowed to marry in the terms that marriage is applied to, which is that of equal stance...
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    Prank phone calls.

    A buddy of mine told me about his "prank" calls. He'd be in the middle of a conversation and it'd go something like this. Him: Hey so I saw John Craw the other day. His buddy: Really? Where'd you see him at? Him: You'll never guess, it was down at the river, he was fishing this one hole but he...
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    So..Is Global Warming Real? Or not?

    Anyone who takes the face-value of "Global Warming" is an idiot, and whoever believes that anything in the "Inconvenient Truth" should be taken as fact or actual statistics...well, I'm just plain sorry for you. The "truth" is, most if not all of the "global warming" stuff is BullS. And I'm...
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    The joke thread

    What is a king's favorite kind of precipitation? Hail!
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    ~Shipping Authors' Café~

    What do you guys do to get into writing-mode? Honestly, I don't really do anything...it comes and goes and I let it freely. Because of this, I've written a few good oneshots and multiple outlines, but all of my chaptered stories have failed for various reasons. I can get into it, but I can't...
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    Tracy Morgan: Does He Really Need to Apologize

    Umm....can we vote to close this thread please? seriously, I see nothing NOTHING about Tracey Morgan in the past....hang on.... ....13 posts. And there wasn't much going on before that. IF you want to continue debate homosexuality, choice or not, I suggest you go to that thread. I'm sure...
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    Advanceshipping General Discussion: Where Ash and May ADVANCE together ;D

    Yeah, I'll have to agree; in hindsight, we were crossing the line there. [edit] Btw....how's that next chapter coming? Well put; I do hate how around a 4th of the way through the battle frontier they changed the characters voices, so all of a sudden Ash sounds like he's permanently stuck in...
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    Lucid Dreaming

    Ok, I read this and while I'm still really confused... ...this reminds me of Inception.
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    The Shippers' Truth or Dare Thread (Chapter 3)

    Hmmm....good question. I'd probably go pokeshipping, because at least through the Jhoto series and very towards the end their relationship (though onesided) was strongly hinted at. It'd be a tossup between that and Pearlshipping, at least for humans anyways. Otherwise, it'd be Altoshipping...
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    "Video Games Can Make You Do Bad Stuff"

    All I can think of whenever I read this debate is... ...you ever notice how especially on games like COD, you can literally tell how old a player is not by their girly voice but by how many curse words they use in the average sentence?
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    Prank phone calls.

    Me and a few of my coworkers have prank-called each other multiple times. Every now and then one of us is assigned to work down in the fee booth in the campground, and the phone there is the only one that doesn't have caller ID. So one of us will call up pretending to be a camper and start...
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    Nothing beats hanging out with the bro's at the bar, tearing up a few beers and kicking it back to some good ol' country music. That being said, yes be safe, yes be smart, and yes don't drive after you drink...and if you're buddy is absolutely trashed, give him a ride back even if he's a puking...
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    Did we really went to th moon?

    These are the quotes that give me hope for the human race... ...and yes, they did go to the moon and back. Honestly, look at some of the other things those conspirators believe in; most of it if not all is bull.
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    Advanceshipping General Discussion: Where Ash and May ADVANCE together ;D

    Anti-Drew post ftw. Main reason I can't stand Contestshipping.... ...and to keep something about Advanceshipping in my post... Yes, for once in his life Ash should "get the girl"; by gosh he deserves it, I think he's more than earned it after all this time.
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    The Shippers' Truth or Dare Thread (Chapter 3)

    Forgot to ask. :P Truth again. What's your favorite pairing (if any) with Ash's Pikachu?
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    YEAH FOR BEING ASIAN!!! HIGH FIVE BACK!!! ...actually I'm white, but one of my best bro's is japanese so I think that counts. :P Anyways, yes I was bullied...a lot....then I kicked the stuffing out of a few of them, and it stopped for a while, started again, etc. Went to college, got some...
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    Useless Knowledge!

    Bald Eagles have no vocal cords. ^^ Learned that little bit from a presentation I have to give later this month. Oh the joy...
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    The Shippers' Truth or Dare Thread (Chapter 3)

    It's all good, it happens. I'll take your question: 1) I saw a student-teacher relationship with Ash/May, and always felt that could translate to something more. 2) Pokemon Movie 9. :P 3) I grew up with pokemon, so when I got interested in girls (well, not the puppy crush but...) it translated...