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  1. K

    Why do you think AG gets ignored so much?

    Well, from my observation, a lot of people not only left the show but left the franchise in general around the 3rd Gen. So a lot of people didn't even see AG, so it's less talked about than the other saga's.
  2. K

    I'm glad they're saving Pallet for BW1, rather then the end of DP

    I'm glad he's leaving from Pallet in BW01 too, it makes it seem more nostalgic and really gives the feel of a rebirth for the series.
  3. K

    Will Mijumaru get what it desrves?

    Now we all know Ash's history with Water starters isn't the best, so will Mijumaru be another casualty or will the writers make him into the powerhouse he deserves to be? Discuss.
  4. K

    So Brock never did find love even in his final episode

    I think the chances of him getting a cameo in BW are relatively high, so if he's not falling for a Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny in his cameo, he won't be the same Brock.
  5. K

    Quirks in Pokemon

    - I capture all of my pokemon in regular Pokeballs (except for legends) - I like most of my pokemon to be male unless they look female to me - I talk to every NPC on my first playthrough of a game - I always press DOWN and hold RIGHT + B when throwing a Pokeball to capture a pokemon - I nickname...
  6. K

    How should Dawn return in Best Wishes?

    I don't know how the writers will come up with a way for her to return if there are no contest in Isshu, but I can't see them giving Misty and May returns but not Dawn.
  7. K

    So Brock never did find love even in his final episode

    Brock's love gag is the only thing that's kept him afloat this whole time, if he found love, he wouldn't be Brock anymore.
  8. K

    BW001 & BW002: Zekrom's Shadow/Iris and Kibago

    That's the same feeling I got from him. It will be interesting to see his development, but I don't think he will outshine Paul.
  9. K

    Its likely for the best that Misty and Dawn didn't meet

    Yes, much like this thread.
  10. K

    Kibago = Comic Relief or Contender

    IDK, Kibago doesn't seem very comical to me. He's not all cutesy like Piplup and Togepi, so I can't see him having those type of moments very often. I see him as more of a battler.
  11. K

    Was Ash's Torterra handeled poorly because of Paul's?

    I don't see how people can blame Infernape, it had nothing to do with Torterra's losing streak.
  12. K

    Do you think Dento will have as big an influence on Ash as Brock did?

    As we've seen plenty of times in the past, Ash can still be pretty dumb when it comes to pokemon, no matter how much experience he's gained prior to a new region, so I think Dento will help in that area. I just don't see him and Ash developing a brotherly bond like Ash had with Brock.
  13. K

    How come Ash & Co. never encountered a Generation V Pokémon exlcuding M13?

    I think it's because BW is supposed to be a "rebirth" of sorts, so they didn't want any connections to DP.
  14. K

    Does it seem like the Contests are done in the anime for good?

    Yes, it does seem like Contest are done for. But it hasn't been confirmed yet, so there's still a chance.
  15. K

    Would it be too far a stretch to say Dawn/Brock might not get cameos in BW?

    I think both Dawn and Brock will appear. Brock has too much history with Ash to just disappear forever, I'm quite sure we'll see him at some point in BW. It's not yet confirmed that contest won't appear in BW, but if they don't, I think Dawn will still appear somehow just to get her rightful...
  16. K

    Will ALL old characters be retconned out of existence from now on?

    I don't think they'll completely abandon all the old characters, especially not Brock and Dawn, they'll definitely get their cameos in BW.
  17. K

    Best send off

    Dawn and Brocks departure was the best IMO. Dawn was my favorite female protagonist, so naturally it was hard for me to see her go. And Piplup getting all emotional just broke my heart into pieces. :( It was hard to see Brock go too. He's been in the show since I was a kid, and even though...
  18. K

    Anyone else think the BW trio will have a better dynamic than the DP trio?

    Until the writers say otherwise, he is still 10. I don't understand why so many people have a problem accepting this.
  19. K

    Was Ash's Torterra handeled poorly because of Paul's?

    Ash's Torterra's strength has come into question ever since it evolved. With not 1 win under it's belt, it's been viewed by many fans as one of Ash's weakest pokemon. But was it handled poorly because of Paul's Torterra? Since it has a long history with Paul, being his starter and...