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  1. Leosnake

    Which Pokémon Do You Want To See Return In The Galar Regional Dex?

    Well this and we are an island with many coastlines so that also makes sense. To be fair there is still a chance Rockruff is in it. I mean just because we didn't see Rockruff in the commercial doesn't mean it isn't there. Plus I would be very surprised if it isn't because A) Rockruff was also...
  2. Leosnake

    8th Gen Regional Variants

    Ah thank you. I missed this despite keeping an eye on it.
  3. Leosnake

    Pokèmon that you prefer over their evolved forms?

    Dragonair, Gabite, Grovyle, Quilava (I don't dislike either Sceptile or Typhlosion and will evolve into them. I just prefer the designs of their previous forms). Aipom, Scyther, Spritzee (I really like the design and think it is cute. Never have used one though in part since I had Pokemon X. But...
  4. Leosnake

    A question about starter Pokemon

    No, I actually have Pokemon I prefer to the starters of each type. But at the same time it is rare that I am not using the starter I picked by the end of the game.
  5. Leosnake

    Pokemon Sword & Shield GENERAL DISCUSSION Thread [Spoilers]

    Yea can confirm, Personally I was hoping they would make it a side series along with the main series games.
  6. Leosnake

    8th Gen Regional Variants

    Speaking of Galarian evolutions and forms. Do you all think that Sirfetched and Galarian Ponyta are meant to be counterparts? I know they were revealed as version exclusives on after the other and were both on that same magazine page. But something feels off, surely both on a marketing stand...
  7. Leosnake

    Which Pokémon Do You Want To See Return In The Galar Regional Dex?

    I am still hoping for the following pokemon lines in no particular order: Rockruff, Poochyena, Shinx, Carvanha, Murkrow, Absol, Horsea (we do have sea horses in our waters), Clauncher, Skrelp, Furfrou (we are next to France and connected by Euro tunnel and ferry. We also have a lot of dogs shows...
  8. Leosnake

    8th Gen Regional Variants

    I would be up for this so long as it is the last Kanto based one. Really wanted an Galarian Arcanine but I am just glad it is in. On a side not I feel the reason we have seen mostly Kanto stuff again is purely marketing reasons. Which is to say there probably are new non Kanto forms, both...
  9. Leosnake

    New Pokemon Speculation & Discussion Thread

    Yea didn't know that was a thing sorry. It is just they looked smaller than the other trainers to me so I thought it was a Pokemon.
  10. Leosnake

    New Pokemon Speculation & Discussion Thread

    well fudge and here I got all excited. They are tiny though. Meaning we also get to alter our characters height? Sorry.
  11. Leosnake

    New Pokemon Speculation & Discussion Thread

    It should auto play at it but it is 15:06 is the best spot to watch it from or else it will be too quick.
  12. Leosnake

    New Pokemon Speculation & Discussion Thread

    I have time stamped it, look at the Pokemon next to the Eevee and the trainer in the blue top. New? It is the darker brown Pokemon who at first glance I thought was the Eevee because of the tail. I have alerted the owner of the video in their comment section about it.
  13. Leosnake

    Sword or Shield - which version are you getting?

    Honestly I don't know which version I am going for. I like both Doggos (Wolves are one of my favourite animals and the fcat they might be based on Odin's wolves is a bonus). I prefer Kommo-o over Tyranitar but would rather have the chance of using Goodra over Hydreigon. Ghost type gym interests...
  14. Leosnake

    New Pokemon Wish List

    I would like to see a Kingfisher, Puffin, Red Kite and this new blue gull pokemon that was rumoured.
  15. Leosnake

    How do you feel about the new Galarian formes plus Obstagoon?

    I like the idea behind Weezing but I doubt I will use one. Loving Obstagoon and I am happy Zigzagoon is in the dex. They remind me of Badgers more than Racoons now though. In fact minus the red hat Obstagoon sort of reminded me of the kids show Bodger and Badger that started airing the same year...
  16. Leosnake

    8th Gen Regional Variants

    Hello I am sorry if I missed or forgot. But now the new Galarian forms are confirmed to be a thing I have to ask. Does anyone else think that the new "Chipmunk" (it has a squirrel tail) pokemon on the kid's shirt might actually be a Galarian Pachirisu? I just checked it isn't on the dex list...
  17. Leosnake

    Pokemon Sword & Shield GENERAL DISCUSSION Thread [Spoilers]

    I hope not for two reasons: 1. I am already expecting/ hope the Alolan forms to be in the game. Because the models and work to put them on the switch has been done thanks to the let's go games. Plus they are wanting new players from those games and Pokemon go to buy SW/SH. 2. It means (as Proven...
  18. Leosnake

    Pokémon Sword & Shield Team Discussion Thread

    CONFIRMED TEAM I want to use a mixed of new gen 8 Pokemon and old ones I either haven't used at all or in a long time (at least two gens back min). 1. Yamper 2. Lanturn 3. Corviknight POSSIBLE ADDITIONS 1. Jangmo-o or Goomy depending on which version I go with. 2. Duraludon 3. Wooloo 4...
  19. Leosnake

    New Pokémon/Formes Discussion & Speculation

    This. Personally I like the form despite how similar it is to Midday. I honestly hope that since it is a permanent evolution and not a temporary form change like Ash Greninja. That next gen they have an in game way of getting this form. It would seem odd to me if they made it impossible to get a...
  20. Leosnake

    Sun & Moon Pokémon Speculation Thread

    Fair enough. In that case I am going to guess 3rd form with either Midday and Midnight being an equal second possibility. OK I didn't know that. You are right in that case it is pointless to include. I won't edit it out since that was my original thought process but yea. I still think...