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  1. chocorittere

    Books About Pokémons

    Okay, thank you very much for your answers! I must rewatch Bulbapedia now with more accuracy. I think it'll take so much time:D
  2. chocorittere

    Books About Pokémons

    Oh yeeeah!.. I once also climbed into Wikipedia and could not tear myself away from there for several hours. I didn't even get half of what I read. There are a lot of things and information... That's why I wanted, maybe, to find out some kind of "analysis" of Pokemon and opinions about them, and...
  3. chocorittere

    Books About Pokémons

    Ahahaha, I mean I want to READ something and so I wrote about books, articles, posts, and blogs. You know, like covering/choosing everything so you can to have more options.
  4. chocorittere

    Books About Pokémons

    Hey there! My main question was asked in the main topic thread, of course. But! I'll repeat. Do you know any Pokémon books? It can be interesting articles, posts, or blogs? Not specifically only about the game or anime, but simply: thought, analysis, research? It would be very interesting to see...
  5. chocorittere

    Horror games CAN be scary in third person...

    Horror games are designed to be scary and they are usually more effective when played in the first person. This is because the first-person perspective allows for a more immersive experience which can make the game feel more real. About Silent Hill. I played for a while Silent Hill 2. As said in...
  6. chocorittere

    Favorite programming language?

    I heard about Julia and even tried to use this language a couple of times. I don't know how good it's. I also experimented with Java.