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    The Rapture Tomorrow. Is it real or not?

    well it is now may 22nd 2011 9:24 AM and im still here
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    Please rate my team

    gyarados @ ? adamant intimidate dragon dance waterfall earthquake rock slide/stone edge quakedge is awesome and waterfall hits the pokes that resist it are hit at least neutral by waterfall
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    My Post Story Team Plan

    another special attacker is what i recommend hydreigon maybe?
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    Dragon Team

    i would recommend posting a complete team before this gets closed. anyways Fraxure @ expert belt jolly/adamant mold breaker dragon dance outrage/dragon claw earthquake rock slide
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    Need Advice For Elite Four Team

    rivalry is going to lower its attack 50% of the time whether it is male or female if you look at the E4 teams and n and ghetsis teams. so you will still need another with mold breaker. and yes sorry EQ is post E4 i forgot. use something physical instead.
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    Need Advice For Elite Four Team

    get a different fraxure (haxorus) its timid (-atk nature) and has rivalry. then give it any nature that doesnt lower speed or attack (since it is E4) mold breaker dragon dance dragon claw earthquake (haxorus only) i think you can get this pre E4 rock slide/brick break. this beats everything...
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    All dragon team for fun

    i decided that because of the 3 new non legendary drtagon type additions i would build a dragon team for the sake of it. (I love dragons) in no particular order garchomp @ yache berry jolly 252 Atk 252 Spe 4 HP Sand Veil Dragon Claw Earthquake Rock Slide Fire Fang/Substitute/Swords...
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    BW Recent Happenings Thread (check first post: new rule!)

    beat the entire pokemon league (when their pokemon are level 70+) using only a level 83 haxorus (it came out level 87) haxorus FTW!!!
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    first black team

    ok all points taken. didnt think darmanitan would be good that way but thought i would try something new. make it adamant or jolly then if i want it all out attack? still having trouble getting a defensive pokemon though. i havent seen any that actually make me look at them and say defensive...
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    first black team

    ok this is the first team i am breeding for. (natures and maybe moves if you could think of some good ones) using only pokemon found in black. no hidden power please as it means i need to breed IV's which i'm too lazy to do its in game btw Haxorus Jolly/Adamant Mold Breaker 252 Atk? 252...
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    BT Team to conquer

    you know the drill not much doesn't get OHKO'ed by a +4 or even +2 garchomp outrage
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    What should my 6th pokemon be in platinum????

    comments in bold lots of standard sets. don't know dewgongs standard set so made up my own
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    Platinum Team for the upgraded Elite Four

    chomp learns cruch at lv 48 as soon as it levels up. earthquake is TM only on chomp EDIT so i actually give some help: staraptor: return brave bird u-turn close combat garchomp: earthquake dragon claw/outrage substitute swords dance
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    BF tricks and tips

    the only good thing here is this: items as V4E left them out but he rest isnt that good. no offence and i know im not brilliant either but i think im better than you with making and rating teams
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    UU/Alternatives Trick Room Team

    ok will try some changes but some suggesions please? like i said it was merely an attempt at something different from everyone else
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    A Challenging SS Team

    modest as its S.at isn't the best but its speed is actually quite good
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    UU/Alternatives Trick Room Team

    This is my first attempt at a trick room team but thought i would use some UU's/alternative sets (plus one or 2 bog standard OU's) Anyway this is it: Dusknoir @ Chesto Berry Calm 252 S.de 252 HP 4 S.at Pressure Shadow Ball Rest Curse Trick room Ok this guy sets up Trick Room then using curse...
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    Game Informer's Top 200 games - guaranteed to annoy!

    WTF modern warfare 2 at 181? this is really messed up. anyway mario should be at the top. thats all i payed attention to
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    <3 the game has anyone skipped the mossion in the russian airport? h8 my dad for him and his damned firewalls blocking the servers for online gaming on the PS3. havent played much because of school but am on the 5th mission on campaign and trying to do sniper fi on veteran
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    A Challenging SS Team

    thats fine but change it to modest then