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    Why do you hate me!!

    I have recently noticed that everyone on Serebii Forums has not been responding to my posts; in particular RMTs. I have put alot of effort into writing out these teams and you guys all just don't care! Please tell me why I am being discriminated!
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    Trick Room Team

    Twink (Jirachi) @ Iron Ball Ability: Serene Grace Nature: Adamant EVs: 252 Atk/ 252 HP/ 4 Def - Iron Head - U-Turn - Trick Room - Stealth Rock No one would expect a Jirachi leading off with Trick Room, which is why this thing works. Iron Ball allows it to outspeed anything in Trick Room...
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    what changes should i make to this team?

    This is the competitive zone. If you want to go to the ingame zone with an ingame team, then go to the ingame team zone.
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    First Fifth Gen OU Team advice would be appreciated

    Haxorus: What do you intend to do with him? Choice Band or Dragon/Swords Dancer? Either way he shouldn't be in lead position. You could put Zoroark as a lead with Taunt, Memento, U-Turn and something else. Memento will provide Haxorus with a safe opportunity to switch in and set up. Have Haxorus...
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    A very Tricky Doubles Team 6v6

    Come on people!! Why do u never rate my teams!! There must be something you have to critisize on!!
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    A very Tricky Doubles Team 6v6

    This is a Trick Room Doubles Team. Audino first starts Trick Room while Scrafty protects it with Fake Out. From there Audino serves as a supporter with Helping Hand, Heal Pulse, Encore and it’s ability; Healer. Scrafty at first is no big threat but once she takes out 1 or 2 opponents her attack...
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    Most Failed Moment in Competitive Battling

    My worst would have to be entering a battle with my Gyarados only having 3 moves. You see I had to delete Waterfall so I could PokeTransfer it, but I forgot to re-teach it Waterfall... it's most important move... Another terrible moment was when a hacker was using an entire Wonder Guard team...
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    Beta Trick Room Team - Doubles

    Any other suggestions?
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    Best/ most interesting eviolite users around?

    It's amazing how much Porygon2 can survive with Eviolite, so I think that P2 is the best user of it. Other good users include Dusclops as he is now flat out better that Dusknoir. Chansey is also boss, and maybe Murkrow if used correctly.
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    Beta Trick Room Team - Doubles

    Yeah I will try out Scald. Thanks! Protect is important in Doubles, as it really messes up the opponent if used correctly. It also gives Protection against Porygon-Zs Discharge, or Octillery's Surf if I use it.
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    The Forge Team

    It's obvious that you are running a stall team due to Skarmory, Bronzong and Forretress. But why Chandelure then? This team is badly built to be honest. I mean you've got Forretress and Skarmory on the same team and they basically do the same thing and are countered by the same thing. You...
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    I need help with movesets, if you would.

    Is this competitive? Dosen't look like it... Read the rules. You don't list any EVs, Items or Abilities! How are we supposed to rate this team?
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    Beta Trick Room Team - Doubles

    My Trick Room team for Doubles. The idea is simple; have Whimsicott set up Trick Room and then have Camurupt, Octillery, Porygon-Z and Reuniclus sweep as much as they can. Scrafty and Reuniclus are the bulk of the team, and the latter is a back up Trick Room user. Ruff Puff @ Light Clay...
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    My 3rd RMT

    Nattorei would be better over Celebi as he is a great defensive wall for the team. He's also a second chance for Spikes should Crustle fail to set them up. If you don't like Nattorei, then I still suggest something even better. Whimsicott. Prankster Encore would be great for this team as it...
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    Community POTW #32

    Scizor @ Choice Band Ability: Technician Nature: Adamant EVs: 248 HP/ 252 Atk/ 8 Spe - Bullet Punch - U-Turn - Superpower - Pursuit Scizor dosen't need speed due to Bullet Punch. It's speed is terrible anyway Scizor @ Life Orb Ability: Technician Nature: Adamant EVs: 4 HP/ 252...
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    The most annoying tactic you've faced

    I have had that happen to me, except it was a Cobalion instead. I managed to beat it becuase it had Stone Edge instead of Rock Slide however. That tactic works in Doubles as well as Whimsicott can use Beat Up as well. Something more annoying than that would have a to be the most annoying...
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    Doubles Trick Room Team

    Bob @ Light Clay Ability: Levitate Nature: Relaxed EVs: 252 HP/ 128 Def/ 128 SpD - Trick Room - Hypnosis - Reflect - Light Screen The purpose of Bob is clearly to support the rest of the team. First he sets up Trick Room with relative ease as Scrafty uses Fake Out on one of the opponents...
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    I use this: Mienshao @ Life Orb Ability: Regenerator Nature: Naive EVs: 4 HP/ 252 Atk/ 252 Spe - Hi Jump Kick - U-Turn - HP Ice - Fake Out Perfect for Hit and Run. It just Fake Out's whatever is there and runs with U-Turn whilst restoring HP in the process. Hi Jump Kick also...
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    >>>The Closed Thread Container<<<

    I lost to Ghetsis. I thought that Regirock wasn't a legendary and saved after beating him in Sapphire. I used a Rotom in HeartGold that leveled up twice as fast as the rest of my team. I got a Calm Zekrom and saved the game. I have used AR. I have been swept by a Togekiss and a...
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    The unpopularity of non-Singles competitive battles

    Doubles and triples is where players can really pull out their stratigies that they could otherwise not do in singles. I personally love doubles. Rate my team below!