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    stand alone Pokemon

    I like stand alone Pokemons and disliked that some of them were given pre-evo or evolutions. Magmar, for example, I'm okay with Magby, but Magmortar was monstruous. The same goes for Electivire.
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    Name Changes Thread - READ ENTIRE FIRST POST

    Current Username: Hidden Power New Username: -Hidden Power-
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    No one, except me.

    No one, except me.
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    So you're also Hidden Power fan? ?

    So you're also Hidden Power fan? ?
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    signed in how many Pokémon Forums?

    Serebii is by far the best Pokemon forum of all. All the others (Bulbagarden, Pokebeach and else) are crap.
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    Should there be a nature for HP?

    Yes, they may not add natures for the time being, but the question of the thread is why didn't they add natures for HP when natures were introduced? I have two theories: 1) HP is the less important stat in battle. It's more a meter than a stat. HP doesn't influence the power of your moves nor...
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    nickname change

    is there how to do it? how if so? ty
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    hi hellow!

    hello everybody!!! Is this forum alive or slowly dying? >.< Hope it's hot of threads!