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  1. Rapiido

    Post Your Planned Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Teams [SPOILERS]

    None of the new designs really appeal to me at all. So far it's looking like all older Pokemon who haven't been in games for a while, but it sorta depends on what the final starter evolutions look like. So far: Sawsbuck Houndoom Tropius Girafarig Venomoth/Vivillon Ampharos
  2. Rapiido

    Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet - General Discussion/Speculation Thread

    The footage of Tropius shows it on the ground. The awful flying-exclusive model stances are gone!!! Finally!
  3. Rapiido

    Pokémon Masters Discussion Thread

    Well Ash is an absolutely easy skip for me. Cynthia. Eh. I have 2 Cynthias and a Lucario already. Skip. Red is the only one I might pull on, if he's Special, I do need another special Electric type other than NY Volkner.
  4. Rapiido

    July 15th: PM2019 117 - VS Shirona! Iris' Road to Dragon Master

    So with the main rivals of Kanto and Kalos shown with their respective champions.. does this mean we're gonna get Paul, Barry, Conway and Nando (maybe Tobias?) for Cynthia's introduction speech and Trip, Stephan, Georgia and Bianca for Iris's? Maybe even a Cilan cameo?
  5. Rapiido

    Pokémon Evolutions

    Janine was in Gotcha, so was Wally (well, his legs)
  6. Rapiido

    Pokémon Evolutions

    ...Elaine and Trace are actually appearing? Huh. Didn't expect that.
  7. Rapiido

    Things that grind your gears!

    I feel this hard. They're good games... but they didn't fix any issues with GSC. No Johto Pokemon available/used by trainers? Still there. Having to grind for hours just to beat Clair because trainers and wild Pokemon are still at level 20 by the 8th gym? Still there. The visuals and music are...
  8. Rapiido

    [SPOILERS] BDSP Datamine Discussion Thread

    Name an electric type with Drizzle and I'll redact my post.
  9. Rapiido

    Pokemon BDSP - Recent Happenings Thread

    Day 2 playing the game, found a random shiny Bibarel in the Great Marsh while doing regular gameplay! ....in the Great Marsh. So... naturally it fled.
  10. Rapiido

    [SPOILERS] BDSP Datamine Discussion Thread

    Oh no I can't sweep his entire team by pressing Earthquake four times... the humanity.. Drizzle Pelipper is a great addition to his team. Trying to beat Ein in Colosseum with rain up and his Thunder spam was a nightmare.
  11. Rapiido

    Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Speculation/Discussion Thread!

    If Sword and Shield taught us anything, it's that there's way too many Pokemon to logically fit in one game anymore. 493 + a few extras (i.e. Sylveon) is plenty.
  12. Rapiido

    Platinum Episode?

    Maybe a mythical a la Deoxys in ORAS, but Distortion World wasn't in Diamond and Pearl, not expecting it here.
  13. Rapiido

    Pokémon Masters Discussion Thread

    We haven't had any yet, and I hope we never do. Same with manga characters. There's more than enough game-based characters/alternative outfits through the years to go through.
  14. Rapiido

    Pokémon Masters Discussion Thread

    Sidney is probably my favourite Elite 4 member, and Lucas is one of my favourite protagonists.. so I'm sort of hoping they get introduced soon. For the first 7 generations, only Sidney, Aaron, Bertha, Lucian, Drasna and Malva are left over for Elite 4, and Falkner, Chuck, Wattson, Byron, Cilan...
  15. Rapiido

    Project Mew: Special Preview

    you uhh might wanna edit that one out Give us some Tauros/Kingler/Muk/Totodile/Glalie love. They haven't done anything since HOENN.
  16. Rapiido

    Pokespe future arc speculation thread: Scarlet and Violet

    Or since the Sinnoh legendaries control space and time.. what if Dialga and Palkia sent Diamond, Pearl and Platinum into the past?
  17. Rapiido

    Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Speculation/Discussion Thread!

    Agreed. It's like people don't realize stuff happens during development, be it an executive decision, decisions inspired by fan demand, or a time strain factor, that alters whether stuff can be included or not. I'm sure before ORAS came out that Game Freak didn't include the battle frontier...
  18. Rapiido

    Most important returning features?

    Ah I meant from a gameplay perspective not design wise. As in, if Kanto wasn't in the game, would Johto be "enough" content to be it's own game. Johto definitely has more personality. Very highly doubtful. With this artstyle, Pokemon would look very, very deformed behind a trainer in that...
  19. Rapiido

    Unpopular Pokemon opinions V2 (READ FIRST POST)

    I've been seeing tons of posts online about how BDSP look awful and how they're going to be the worst remakes because they're just "faithful remakes" and not "everything I want and more". Because you know, the games are already out and we can fully judge them. On that note, I want to touch upon...