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    Gameplay Speculation/Discussion Thread

    Meowth says, "I don't believe in fairies!" It's Super Effective! Sylveon fainted!
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    Things You'd Like to Seen GameFreak Implement!

    More Crafting. I would like us to be able to make pokemon food again. Also, the ability to mix medicines would be nice.
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    Transitioning as a pokemon 'trainer'

    I was in a similar position. I played Blue, then got back into the game with 4th gen with the introduction of online battles. Initially, I found the adaptation from casual to competitive play overhwelming when bringing my in-game favorites to a few online matches. I found that if I wanted to...
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    The Kalos Region Thread

    I think we're better off with regions based on smaller areas. This would allow more regions to exist. I would worry if they made a region as big as half a continent or so, it would make me think the end would be near :-(
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    Pokémon Direct Discussion

    This will be the first time that Kanto hasn't appeared in any game in a generation. There's no Kanto in either Gen 5 games.
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    Pokémon Direct Discussion

    The stag legendary (assuming X?) does resemble the musketeer legendaries from BW. If they are related, then perhaps the bird Y legendary is related to Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres?
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    Types/Dual Types you're good with?

    For some reason, my Ground types have come out the best. I enjoy Ground types, but they're not my favorite. I'd happily take the success I've had with my Gliscor, Gastrodon, Sandslash, and Excadrill, and give that to my Bug and Steel types.
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    Scientific Paper Published About Pokémon... by Professor Oak, no less!

    Does anyone else have a problem with Sigilyph coming before Arceus? Also Palkia and Dialga after Flygon?
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    Your least favorite generation?

    I found the Hoenn pokemon to be incredibly boring. They had such awful movepools. It's no wonder that only 4 of 50 OU pokemon are from Hoenn.
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    Pokemon that you've always wanted to use bu for some reason never have

    Abomasnow. The problem is that I'm always concerned about turning ice weather onto my own team :/
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    What kind of pokemon are you?

    Steel/Psychic. I don't like heat and earthquakes, but I can take a punch. Swords Dance Bullet Punch Psycho Cut Superpower
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Why can't we just agree that we all like pokemon and end the debate there?
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    @Archstaraptor If you feel that Furret and Ledian have a niche in competitive battles, then you should develop a set and post it on Smogon forums, or train them and test them yourself. Fans of lesser-used pokemon who post sets are the ones who can bring them out of obscurity. That's how certain...
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    Which Pokemon would benefit from having all their Abilities at once?

    Scrafty with Intimidate, Shed Skin, and Moxie would be a devastating mid game sweeper.
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    This is what happens when people actually talk to each other :) If people don't like Smogon rules, they can find someone who doesn't mind not using them. To the haters: all 649 pokemon get their chances in Smogon. They even found a way to make Rattata and Aron threatening. If your favorite...
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    @ Wishing Star Yes cloning meets the definition of cheating. However, unlike other forms of cheats, it can be impossible to prove.
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    Oldest Pokemon you've held onto?

    As I no longer have my Blue, my oldest would be my Empoleon from 2007, which now sits in my HoF box in Black.
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    Hard To Find Legendaries

    I enjoy puzzle legendaries far more than roaming ones. Roaming pokemon can easily be found by a lv39 pokemon and a repel. Puzzles can be challenging and are more rewarding.
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    Your un-expectedly strong, but under-estimated Pokemon.

    In BW I found myself short in the Fly user department, but picked plume fossil and was so impressed with my in-game archeops that I bred a competitive one.