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  1. Littlemyuu

    Hello stranger.

    Hello stranger.
  2. Littlemyuu

    Do you want gyms back or a similar form of gyms?

    Would be fun if we race on our legendary mascot while the Pokemon battling on hover platforms. but that would be a nice dream.
  3. Littlemyuu

    Post Your Planned Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Teams [SPOILERS]

    Springatito of course, and Lechonk. Smoliv is adorable too but I don't want double typing.
  4. Littlemyuu

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here and make great friends!
  5. Littlemyuu

    What Are You Listening To - Just Add Water!

    Darin- Tvillingen Tvillingen (2017)
  6. Littlemyuu

    Starter Discussion & Thread

    I can't wait to see Rowlett's middle evo! I think I gonna call mine Haiduc that is if it becomes the Archer.
  7. Littlemyuu

    Sup Scythe how are you?

    Sup Scythe how are you?
  8. Littlemyuu

    New Pokemon Discussion Thread

    All three starters are really cute. cool and silly, I love Rowlet alot! besides the known starters I really hope we get a sea turtle ( I know Carracosta is kind of a sea turtle ) But Hawaii is also kinda known for those little guys, like the green sea turtle, a dolphin Pokemon may be cute too...
  9. Littlemyuu

    Alola Region Discussion Thread

    I love that the Alola region is based on Hawaii, I do hope it got more Islands, the one in the trailer looked a little bit "small" to be a region, knowing Hawaii I bet there will be smaller Island's around it.
  10. Littlemyuu

    ~ Official Pokémon News Discussion Thread ~ [POST POKEMON NEWS HERE]

    Well when I first saw the trailer I was like " Oh yes! Hawaii region!" I really hope they will use my name, since it is Hawaiian ( Maile ) When I first saw the starters I was pretty amazed, I squealed at Rowlet, I mean..that must be one of the cutest grass starter in my eye's! it will be my...
  11. Littlemyuu


    Hello and welcome! I hope you are having a great time here!
  12. Littlemyuu

    What places in the world would you like to visit

    New Zealand, They have really nice candy! Sweden also sounds like a nice place to be. London, just for Doctor who stuff :P
  13. Littlemyuu

    New Pokemon Discussion Thread

    I know I'm not the only one but I'd would love a dolphin Pokemon, a clouded leopard would be cute too! a cat with a really long tail.
  14. Littlemyuu

    Hi, I'm no one

    Hello Golden Geek, Welcome to the forums! Cats are cute! I got 4 myself haha! Nice to see you get into anime! have fun!
  15. Littlemyuu

    ~ Official Pokémon News Discussion Thread ~ [POST POKEMON NEWS HERE]

    I have no clue what it's supposed to be, I kinda hope it will be a gen. 7 Pokémon, But I guess it has something to do with Zygarde..since the "blob" is green.
  16. Littlemyuu

    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    Right now I play two games at once ( kinda..just switching day by day ) Persona 3 I used to play this one on my old psp, but since then lost it, got it again on my Vita and I'm close in beating it! Digimon Story: Cyber sleuth on my Vita, I try to platinum that game, need some more Digimon and...
  17. Littlemyuu

    Your Top Ten Animes.

    I don't watch that much anime so It won't really be a top 10 i guess.. 1. Digimon Tamers 2. Dragonball z/kai 3. Youkai Watch 4. Nyan koi! 5. Inazuma eleven 6. Fullmetal Alchemist that's it for now..only one I finished watching was Digimon Tamers and Dragonball..
  18. Littlemyuu

    Digimon discussion - Digimon Ghost Game now available on Crunchyroll

    I loved Digimon since season one, latest I watched was Tamers but I try to watch Frontier but that one is not that appealing to me...I want to give it a chance, but I'am really psyched up for Tri, Gatomon is my favorite Digimon ( next to Gaomon ) and I really want to see her again. :)
  19. Littlemyuu

    Things That Make You Happy!

    The treecko line makes me happy, when I heard about Mega Sceptile I went nuts.
  20. Littlemyuu

    Hey Everyone

    Hello MSX, Welcome to the serebii Forums! I hope you have lots of fun here and that you may meet new friends!