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    5th Gen Art

    I love your arts, I especially love that Reshiram one, it's awesome!
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    Should Dento fall for some COTDs like Brock did?

    NO! He shouldn't be like Brock & definitely, he shoudn't be a gay either -.-
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    Episode 15: The G Y M Battle

    The gym looks nice I think the one u posted probably the series in general & the one Bluemarc posted is the character line up 4 this ep
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    BW014 - Shippou City

    YES! The second gym! Can't wait to see Ash vs Aloe!
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    Your favorite Legendary of the 4th Generation

    Arceus is my fav, it's a cool Pokemon
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    Interesting Easter Egg in games - possible future plot point?

    No, I don't think Charizard will make an appearance just b/c there's a bridge named after it, maybe just a cameo in a flashback, hopefully
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    Should The Anime have Disability References?

    Well, I think it doesn't really matter whether they should have disability references in the Pokemon anime or not, it's not really important anyway
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    NEVER ENDING battles?

    Well, I've been in a very similiar situation in LG, it was in Virdian forest, my only Pokemon was Bulbasaur, I faced up against a Bug catcher & he had a Metapod, it was bad-timing that my Bulbasaur's tackle went out of PP & it was its only attack move, that left it with growl & as u all know...
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    If all of the towns in Pokemon were real, which one would you go to on vacation?

    Either Goldenrod or Slateport or Lavaridge
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    should the writers bring paul back to the show?

    Paul was definitely a great rival but there's no way he'll be back & be Ash's main rival again. I think we can only expect 4 him to make a cameo
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    Do you get lonely easily?

    No unless my computer isn't with me
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    Who is your team's 'flyer'?

    Diamond: Staraptor Pearl: Staravia (flying slave) Platinum: Togekiss SS: Lugia
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    BW013 - Chillarmy & Bel

    Cool, Bel appears, hope she isn't just a COTD
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    Obsession Confession

    Random: Manga, Pokemon, internet, drawing, sleeping & food
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    Do you care about your pokemon's genders?

    Back then, yes. Now, no. I used to go 4 a whole team with male Pokemon but now, I stay neutral
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    Hypothetically, Can the Isshu Team Rocket Suceed in Stealing Ash & Co's Pokémon?

    I think they'll manage to keep the Pokemon in one place 4 a longer time, maybe they can even hand some over to Giovanni but of course in the end, Ash & co. will get their Pokemon back from the thieves
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    Why do you think its not taboo for trainers to own legendaries anymore?

    I think it's b/c the amount of legendaries are rising up, there're alot of them now or it could be that the writers just want to please the fans having the legendaries appear more oftenly
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    The Bloom Is on Axew (668)

    I just loved the start of this ep! The battle between Yanappu & Kibago was so funny. The way both sides attack made me laugh so hard, especially the solar beam XD Poor lil' Kibago, it was not strong enough to do anything though its dragon rage has some impressive power, I must say, but it...
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    Spore Workshop

    Jaryuu-Here Thanx in advance!
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    ***Aragornbird's Art Gallery***

    Oh wow! Ur works are all REALLY amazing! I love them!