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    metal gear Solid

    if you have a ps3 then download the encyclopedia. it brings you beyond the game
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    PS3 Games, Movies To Be Bundled On Same Disc

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    LX Movin' on.

    well. theres not much to say. we all secrete hated you and all you did was kill the lulz. no not really. it was great man, at least i have i have your aim
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    Old games that deserve a sequel

    i cant believe none of you fags said threads of fate. the end of the game pretty much promised a sequel
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    Zelda Ocarina Of Time

    go away please.
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    Your gross stories.

    well look whos talking. how am i being the tough guy? maybe you should stop flaming people and get on with your life how bout it?
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    A Rather Difficult decision: Xbox 360 or PS3...

    please go die. all of your points are invalid and ARE all opinion. and the ps3 does have DLC. we usually just get it later
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    Metal Gear Online

    when ever i play i rage :( i broke my controler
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    A Rather Difficult decision: Xbox 360 or PS3...

    your forgeting about RPGs get a ps3. lower system fail rate, great exclusive games, blu-ray, free online and web browser, changeable operating system, and more i dont feel like remembering.
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    Your gross stories.

    what? if you dont think thats true then why can i look at that stuff and not be disgusted. to tell you the truth i can laugh at it i been so demoralized, and its all thanks to 4chan
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    Your gross stories.

    to harden their mentality. when you see you cannot unsee it, and when you do see it again it wont bother you as much
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    Your gross stories.

    4chans gore threads. well they dont grose me out but for most people they do
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    The death of Electronic Gaming Monthly.

    so that explianes why i stop recieveing the mags. i loved to read them too
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    The Serebii Reviewing Team

    what did you guys think of mine? i need to know what to improve
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    The Serebii Reviewing Team

    Fallout 3 PS3 who knew that running around in a post apocalyptic DC could be so damn fun ok, lets think back to Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. we have gorgeous gameplay, a simplistic yet effective combat system, amazing graphics,and a deep charater creator. now change the name, nuke the land...
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    Serebii Reviewing Team~Sign Ups

    brilliant!!! youre just the mind we needed here. hell you should revise the entire system. i personally like game informers way of reviewing.
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    Serebii Reviewing Team~Sign Ups

    million thanks night shadow :)
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    Serebii Reviewing Team~Sign Ups

    ill gladly do reviews for the ps3 and the psp. only as long as i can review fallout 3 for the ps3. i put more then 300+ hours into this game and i have alot to say about it and i do pc hardware reviews since i work on the things all the time
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    The CD is dead/or dying

    and thats where all my music comes from. thoes record companys arent getting my money