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    Good luck to all of our members in the war. I am currently in the middle of nowhere with no Wifi access, so I probably won't get my battle done until next week. Let's kick some butt though, Swordsplay!
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    Colosseum-Bayleef, Quilava, or Croconaw

    First time through I "chose" Quilava. It was more like I was running around like a fool and decided to battle the guy that had Quilava since that was the way I chose to leave the city. Now I'm playing through Colosseum again and chose Croconaw. Its definitely one of my favorites.
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    Umbreon and Espeon or your Eevee

    Umbreon and Espeon. Mainly because I thought that they fit more in with the character. Eevee just seemed sort of out of place with the character from XD.
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    What's Your Favorite and/or Least Favorite Pokemon/Type?

    Who's your favorite Pokemon?! Charizard. It wasn't until recent years that I've realized how beastly Charizard can be if used properly. Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon? Celebi -.- Who cares if it has seven weaknesses? It's still a pain in the *** on Wifi What's your Favorite Pokemon TYPE...
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    Rate my team please:)

    Thunderpunch on MixApe has really limited coverage. The only thing it is really useful against is Gyarados, but I dont know why you would keep Ape in against a Gyarados. I would suggest using either HP Ice for coverage on Dragons and Gliscor or Nasty Plot to get a free boost while your opponent...
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    Where the Wild things are

    I was really hyped when I first saw previews for this film. It looked absolutely amazing, and the previews still manage to give me goosebumps (in a good way). I probably will wait until it comes out on DVD to see it. People have said it wasn't worth the $9 to see it in theatres
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    Most Under-Used/Under-Rated/Forgotten 1st Generation Pokemon

    Pinsir, Seadra, and Electrode. Has anybody even mentioned Electrode? The poor thing...
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    Pokemon Counterparts (Current and Old)

    How about Pidgey - Spearow? There has always been somewhat of a rivalry between those two family lines in the anime, and in the games they're usually found opposite of each other. Spearow/Fearow have more power but are cast aside, while Pidge(y/otto/ot) were more balanced and seem to be more...
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    Ho-oH or Lugia

    I love Lugia. Thats mainly because I got Silver version before I got Gold version and have been partial to anything that was focused on in Silver version, mainly version exclusives and Lugia =D
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    Berries and Shuckle

    It wasn't just any Shuckle that could do this. It was the Shuckle from the Pokemaniac in Cianwood (correct me if I am wrong). That's all the information that I know about that though since every time I have gotten that stinking Shuckle I accidentally went back and talked to the guy and he took...
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    Coolest pokemon from G/S/C?

    Sunflora was definitely an awesome Poke, mainly because it evolved by using that nifty new Sun Stone.
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    Alright, that gives me more time to train my new team then. And to retrain Flygon's pokes (I accidentally turned off my DS last time I finished them and forgot to save -.-)
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    Pokemon Chinese Zodiac

    Why hasn't anybody suggested Monferno/Infernape for the monkey? I personally think that Monferno better represents a monkey than Aipom/Ambipom, even though they both are monkeys. I do love Ambipom, but it just seems a little too cartoonish to represent something from a Zodiac.
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    Pokemon Bragging Thread

    My best would have to be my Ambipom which I raised for in-game purposes. I soloed in my Platinum version with it, and now it is at level 100. Plus its Pickup ability is nifty to get evolutionary stones. I love my 'Pom =]
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    who is your strongest pokemon

    My level 100 Kecleon on my first Emerald file was hands down my strongest Pokemon in third Gen. Thats not counting other level 100s I had though. That thing was a beast and I loved it.
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    Dragon mono-type

    Do you think you could take the changes that you've made and edit your first post? Then could you put your Pokes in battle order and give them descriptions of their intended use. Then I might be able to give your team a thorough rating.
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    Dragon mono-type

    I don't want to sound mean, but it looks like you just took a bunch of Pokemon and threw them together on a team and hope that it would work. Then again, that's usually how a monotype works. Sometimes it can be pulled off, but your team has major weaknesses that, if exploited, will destroy your...
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    Has the war officially started?
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    Celebi or Jirachi Bonus Pokemon

    Jirachi, simply because I despise Celebi so much
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    Ask a Question Thread 4.0!

    As I think someone stated, this technique would failsince P-Z and Smeargle are so frail. And also, the only users of Trick and Follow Me that are somewhat bulky are Clefable and Togekiss. Plus with all of the priority moves out there, it is going to be hard to pull off no matter what. Here's...