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    Annoying fans?

    Types I do not like: Nostalgic People who can't get over the fact that pokemon continues. Obsessive Fanboys/girls who act like Paul or w/e is their future husband or something. Obsessive Battlers: I might be meaning Marriland, but who cares? I would enjoy working hard and becoming...
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    Anyone else the female Psuedo Rivals need more personality?

    these pseudos are too happy. I want THREE RIVALS. In a GANG And a triple battle with like your six vs their 18 LOL Seriously though, 3 rivals, triple battle. DO IT GAMEFREAK
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    Do you prefer the anime cries or game cries?

    I think it should be game cries hands down. HANDS DOWN. Game cries easily win. I've actually really stopped watching the anime because of the darn cries... that have just gotten worse over the years. Episodes 1-15, the cries actually sounded ok Vs Pidgey: It made a bird Sound Vs: Spearow: It...
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    Official HG/SS Help Thread

    cool can you explain the whole process?
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    Official HG/SS Help Thread

    Can I download mystery gift stuff from Hg/SS if i am in america? When i try to download i don't get any bars I would love the pikachu pokewalker course. How do you change course, etc? too?
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    can't sorry

    can't sorry
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    Red beat Giovanni HOW?

    Everything is for the money. If you were a business corporation bent on gaining lots of Ben Franklin's, would you remain loyal to the storyline? No, because it also gets fans like these guys roused and interested in the comics. "Will they mess up?" "Whaa? I can't believe this!" It's all for...
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    Most hated pokemon?

    LOL I love glaceon! But what I hate Design: I have no hate WHAT IS LOVE Battle: Skarmbliss Cheapo Combos Internet: Arceus because just cause he is the god pokemon doesn't mean that he's unbeatable. Though he's got the highest base stat total, his max stats can be easily beaten by other...
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    do you think there are some unnecessary evolutions o some pokemon that should evolve

    4 tiers on Salamence, Garchomp, Tyranitar, and Heracross. Win. But preevos are pointless except to be all cute cute look at me i'm so cute. since i am a BOY i don't find them cute, just annoying because i have to evolve the pokemon one more time than usual
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    Gym Leaders / Elite Four Discussion

    I like the fact that he finally realized that he isn't the best. After losing to red he's lost half of his douchiness Rematch teams are nice. Lance's team is kickbutt. I love how he's got every gen pseudo dragon in there, and no weaklings either. Cynthia's garchomp was a pushover. This dude...
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    Official HG/SS Help Thread

    I have done them all. Rail pass,radio card, all other gyms. Where is blaine's gym? BTW nekoakuma you can delete posts right? Click edit and delete it. Mods, if this counts and mini-modding or something else that i can be infracted for, please warn me. EDIT: Ugh my bad, I didn't see it -.-...
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    Official HG/SS Help Thread

    Where's Blaine's Gym then? 0.0
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    Official HG/SS Help Thread

    i'm interested in when can those fuschia city workers stop blocking my way toward pwning blaine's fiery butt? And blue's annoying face?\ jk on the annoying and fiery, but how can I battle em
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    Official HG/SS Help Thread

    Dusk, i think beat cianwood gym leader chuck... but i'm not too sure I'm sure that: I got to claire, checked back, and they were gone...
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    Official HG/SS Help Thread

    Just did rail Pass thing. Blockers r still there =[ To clarify, I'm trying to battle blaine/blue and #1 Fuschia city blockers are still there so i cannot surf, and blue won't get the heck back into his gym
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    Roserade or Exeggutor?

    Roserade looks more appealing. I like fire types, so personally when it comes to grass i find them weak in movepool unless combined with another type. Personally i like roserate more because executor just looks... more un BA. I don't know anything about stats... =[
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    Team Plans in General

    I'm too lazy to train so i'm using an AMAZING TEAM OF 2 Typlosion and Ampharos EQ danger ftw
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    Official HG/SS Help Thread

    What's required to battle blue? There are people still blocking the entrance to Blaine's cave... so i can't battle blaine either
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    Trainers Not Interesting Enough?

    I agree. But the only thing that turns me away from XD and colessium is that i have to play it on a console (main reason) and the battles feel a ton slower for me. For some reason pokemon is more comfortable on a handheld, which is why i would NEVER trade that for a wii rpg