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    Community POTW #036

    Shell Smash is another option. With a speed boosting nature, after one smash Torkoal outruns base speed 90 pokemon at level 50, and 88 speed at level 100, while doubling his offensive stats. He also has the bulk to pull one off, though is still hampered by that miserable base 20 speed.
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    Community POTW #032

    Flame Charge is certainly a viable move option. While it is rather weak, after a speed boost Ho-oh becomes quite difficult to bring down, outrunning everything not called Deoxys-Speed.
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    Community POTW #017

    It should also be worth noting that PIkachu should only ever run Light Ball. Pikanium Z may grant immunity to item loss and Catastropika, but then you have a 210 base power move coming off base 55 attack. In other words, don't use it. Pichu is also next to useless in LC. Being the most...
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    Community POTW #011

    It should be noted that thanks to Pokebank Alomomola also has access to Knock Off, giving it the ability to remove items from opponents, while also giving it an admittedly weak answer to taunt.
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    Community POTW SM #001

    Should be noted that BST alone doesn;t make a pokemon good or not in comp. For example, Regigigas has a BST of 670 but Slow Start makes it one of the worst pokemon in the game. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Mega Sableye's 480 BST's mediocre but's one of the best pokemon for sheer bulk and...
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    Community POTW #151

    What's the other one? Illuminate has no competitive value at all, and Analytic's good for slower, bulkier pokemon...which Starmie most ceratinly is not. 60/85/85 is the same as Mega Medicham, and given that Starmie's weak to Dark unlike MegaCham, and what prior defensive bulk Starmie had no...
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    New Pokemon Discussion Thread

    So the bear's actually really freaking big at 6'11", and thus goes from "Oh dear lord what even is this care bear nonsense" to "Oh dear lord, we don't want you here Freddy Fazbear." Blanketchu's eyes are on the belly of the blanket, and with a name implying mimicry, could be interesting.
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    Red, Blue and Yellow on 3DS Virtual Console - Discussion

    Could this possibly mean that Missingno. could be canon? Or are Troll Freak so cruel as to stop transfer of him over?
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    Community POTW #122

    Fun fact about Pichu, actually, and why it's bad even in LC: The mouse holds the title for the most physically frail of all pokemon. Even Sunkern's bulkier (marginally). I didn't realise Raichu was so bleeding fast. I was convinced he had base 100 speed. Welp, learn something new every day.
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    Official News Thread - Misc To Replace CNN

    Hey, 2016? Yeah, that's a twofer. Could you, like, just quit killing all the cool people? I don't wanna have to start charging you.
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    And yet at the Game Awards 2015 it was defeated in best Indie Game by a bad football simulator with jet engine cars. Proof that the awards were fixed.
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    Community POTW #110

    One of the sets really needs to be named 'Big Pigs: Over the Road Racing' only for the pun. Mamoswine actually makes decent use of an Assault Vest what with decent defence and monstrous attack.
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    Official News Thread - Misc To Replace CNN

    Dear god, why do nutjobs do stuff like this? Can't we all just get along?
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    Community POTW #089

    I suppose one con about Arceus is that 120 offensive stats in today's Ubers metagame isn't as colossal as it was back in the day. That and the fact he doesn't get the likes of Bulk Up for a physical tank set, alongside the new megas that roam the tier giving stiff competition.
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    UK General Election and Politics 2015 - The time has come for change!

    Is it too late to migrate to Ireland? Because I just know that smug git will screw us scots over like a parasite.
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    New Mega Evolutions Discussion Thread

    They should make up for this by running a Mega Flygon design competition. Just give us the basic image of him and let us work on megaing him up. Having difficulty coming up with a proper design my arse. If they dumped out such gaudy things like Mega Glalie, Lopunny, Slowbro, Garchomp and even...
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    Soccer Thread

    That coulda went either way.
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    Soccer Thread

    And thus the streets of Rio gave way to anarchy. I don't think I've seen a team get annihilated this badly in a long time. This is an all too literal 6-0 sweep.
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    Soccer Thread

    There's only so many bullets you can pump into a corpse before it becomes dishonourable to the dead.
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    Soccer Thread

    More like Chewy Suarez, right? Three bites, and he should be out of football for good. When folk speak fighting tooth and claw, we don't mean literally fighting tooth and claw.