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    Do you still plan to Catch Em All?

    I'll plan on catching them all once I get around to doing some more breeding and RNG'ing. Whether it happens or not is a different story.
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    = game

    a sentence with a link= something i am too lazy to post
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    Body "Art" i.e. Tattoos

    Fact is tattoos are cool. I like tattoos. However I think a lot of tattoos are ****. Sometimes because they have no meaning, or the people who have them just think they mean something to them or sometimes they're just poorly done. Art can be very ugly.
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    Has the games or anime changed your opinion of a pokemon?

    Pokemon from the orange islands. I love the orange islands.
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    Are you picky when it comes to teams?

    - All pokemon must have best possible IV's (Hidden Power included) - Must have a flier - All must be shiny if the shiny looks better or have a history (great-grandfather was part of team that defeated elite 4 for the first time, for example) - All must have a good hatch location/be in best...
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    Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Cool, hope it works out. I will miss not being able to use the older ones for a while I reckon though.
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    Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

    So there are no pokemon in this generation related to pokemon from previous generations (thanks god for that, they aren't going to butcher farfetch'd) and there are no pokemon from previous generations in the game until it's completed? Why are they breaking ties with previous generations?
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    Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

    I'm happy with the starters, they are better than 4th gen at least. Munna and its evolved form I think are cool too. The rest I think are terrible except for maybe Choroneko (the dark feline).
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    The "My music taste is better than yours derp" thread

    A lot of problems arise from the term "**** music". Pretty much everyone says a certain type of music is good and another is bad and I'm guilty of this myself. But I think a lot of people (myself included) mean something else when we say this. When I say I think a certain artist is ****, I...
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    Which sprite looks better?

    I prefer most of the sprites in R/B to their sprites in later games. I think HGSS have better sprites than DPPT though tbh. That's kind of his character though, is it not? I don't really remember, I haven't watched the anime since I was a kid but that's always been the impression I had of...
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    Quirks in Pokemon

    In SS i still hold down B to run even though i don't have to. Just out of habit.
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    Creepy music videos

    Come to Daddy - Aphex Twin Windowlicker - Aphex Twin Both are by Chris Cunningham and are extremely creepy/brilliant. I strongly recommend checking them out.
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    YOU pressed A+B+DOWN!

    You gotta hold B + down. If you don't and you don't catch the pokemon. Then it's like "yeah i wish i pressed B + down".
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    your first shiny!! <_<

    Apart from shiny gyarados in silver, my first was a shiny snubbull which I chained. I've only found one shiny that was completely random and that was a roselia which I used to find my secret ID. Recently I RNG'd a shiny staryu (31/x/31/30/31/31) and a shiny gastly (31/31/31/31/31/31)
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    Our game character is evil

    And his dress sense is awful...
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    My Two Favorite People {Once Again Improved}

    Flyingpichu. ]Bill Murray | Biggie Smalls
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    Is todays youth too obsessed with social networking?

    The time spent social-networking would be spent watching TV/using other forms of internet by most people that use social-networking sites. Social networking isn't itself really the problem. It's technology in general.
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    The Pokemon Questions Thread Again!

    No one has the answer to this. This is a bad excuse for a rant.
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    Is Wonder Gaurd an Unfair Ability?

    Who are the "many who find it unfair in battles"??
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    When Wild Pokemon Faint

    pokephoenix downs. Jeez obviously.