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  1. K

    Rate The Signature Above You

    Cute, short, and sweet. 7/10. Expect mine to be majorly updated this weekend. Sadly, no access to my Photoshop right now.
  2. K

    Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus: What are your thoughts?

    Couldn't have explained it better.
  3. K

    A Seventh Pokémon?

    Logically, wouldn't it be illegal for a non-registered trainer to use Poké Balls? Kind of like someone without a hunting license going out and, well, hunting. Buying might be alright, but I think using them wouldn't be considered appropriate. I think the whole ten-year old thing got less strict...
  4. K

    A Seventh Pokémon?

    It is assumed that Poké Balls, an advancement that is already nothing short of amazing, have the ability to sense and transfer the Pokémon to the storage system. A trip to Bulbapedia isn't all that hard, ladies. As for the punishment; I'm not sure. It would depend. Assuming that the technology...
  5. K

    Your favourite music.

    In no particular order: JEFFREE STAR. <3 The Academy Is... Bring Me The Horizon Drop Dead, Gorgeous Cute Is What We Aim For Alesana Chiodos The Beatles <3 The Audition Motion City Soundtrack 3OH!3 Bright Eyes Linkin Park (The good old days~) Opeth The Killers <3 I have plenty...
  6. K

    Songs that have been Butchered by Other Artists.

    This new, "let's take things from songs that were popular a decade ago and use them in our rap" is really, really annoying. Of course, I have no problem with rap. I mostly like it. But let's aim for some individuality, people.
  7. K

    Scariest movie you've watched?

    Wasn't really "scary," but I was pleasantly surprised by The Last House on the Left. Much much much better than I would have expected. And I'm talking about the remake, of course.
  8. K

    Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus: What are your thoughts?

    I think they're both overrated, and don't listen to them. I don't really mind them or their success, though. I do get pi$$'d, however, when people compare the Jonas Brothers to The Beatles. I'm like "ohm... lolwhut?" And it's as if they're aware and they like it, hence their mediocre...
  9. K

    Greatest Freakout Ever

    I saw the first a while ago. Thought it was interesting but fake. Now that I've seen the others, especially the one with the truck, I'm questioning. If it's real, the brat needs some ****ing structure.
  10. K

    Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

    Yeahhh. I mean, would it have been so hard to make him hold up his damn umbrella? That was annoying, it's oversights like that that kill my hope for the series of movies. As for the movie as a whole, I enjoyed it. A little too light-hearted for Half-Blood Prince, and the PG rating was meh...
  11. K

    Drugs/Alcohol Thread 2.0

    My first experience was very, very fun. Sadly, I lost my virginity to another guy that I didn't love. But I've moved on from it now. Aside from that minor incident, it was a vastly memorable experience. Also, I disagree about cigarettes. I adore the smell of stale smoke. haha. As for alcohol...
  12. K


    As someone previously said, I completely agree that Twitter is completely stupid and irrelevant. It's an annoying trend. Celebrities got it, and everyone was like "omggggg."
  13. K

    Conjugation versus Binary Fission (a.k.a sexual reproduction versus asexual)

    This would be the answer to a lot of my own personal issues. I would love for the possibility to have my own, biological child with a homosexual lover. It would be great to me. Of course, I don't see how this could logically be used toward that purpose. But hey, I can dream.
  14. K

    Opinions regarding vegetarianism

    I'm not a vegetarian. Why, you ask? Because I strongly feel that it is a pathetic trend that has been blown WAY out of proportion. I respect the vegetarians who really do it for the animals or for their own health, and I think it's a wonderful cause (unless you're bat$hit insane like PETA)...
  15. K

    Your opinion of making marijuana legal

    I personally have no issue with marijuana being legalized. It isn't physically addictive, and unless you're weak-minded, you aren't going to develop a mental addiction. I would prefer a dime of weed to alcohol any day.
  16. K

    What Is Your Stance On Homosexuality?

    There are a plethora of arguments for gay marriage, the majority of which only arguable because of the semantics of marriage itself. Denying homosexual couples the right to marry is stripping them of a very basic civil and spiritual right. The idea of Separation of Church and State dictates that...
  17. K


    Lyke omg, leave it to a f4gg0t like me to make a thread about MySpace. Who has it? Who dislikes it? I have it, but I personally think that it's going overboard with useless features and defeating it's original purpose; acting as a simple networking site used to keep in touch with friends...
  18. K

    Rate The Signature Above You

    2/10. The image is adorable, but the text could be spruced up a bit.
  19. K

    Jake's sprites.

    I disagree with BynineB, except for on Gengar. He's rather fat and I'm just not too fond of the sprite. As for Charmeleon, I really dislike the pose. That aside, we all know that I absolutely love the Banette you made for me, Jacob. <3
  20. K

    Jake's back. :D

    Jake is my big brother. So lol @ me being referred to as a troll constantly. I wasn't trolling him. >___>