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    Review This Song, Then Post Another

    7/10 Good but at some point it seems like all songs of that genre sound the same The Gorillaz Feel Good Inc
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    Sorry, I've been gone a while, but yeah most of my pictures are made in fan art shops found here...

    Sorry, I've been gone a while, but yeah most of my pictures are made in fan art shops found here on the forums.
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    >>>The Closed Thread Container<<<

    I was too lazy at the start, but I soon figured out it really wasn't that hard, so I don't have that problem anymore.
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    >>>The Closed Thread Container<<<

    Defeatist Cuts its attack and sp. atk in half at half its HP and less. User:Archeop How to get around it: Use Gastro Acid in double battles, or have archeops run U-turn so it can't sustain any damage.
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    Happy 'End of the World'!

    I hate them both. Whoever predicted this was an idiot.
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    I sent out Zorua as the first poke on my team to train it in battle. I had been leveling up with an Exp. Share using my Archeops, and when I send out Zorua I was having a moment and I was like "wow what a glitch", but then I realized it was the ability. That made me feel like such an idiot.
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    Which Pokemon do you hate in Sinnoh?

    I agree. I remember when Abra was first in alphabetical order. Then I could see its face and be reminded of him.
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    Soft Resetting for Shinies

    It's a personal decision to keep track. It's easier to keep track with MMing but a pen and paper is more than enough to get it done.
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    Which did you catch with the Master Ball in SS/HG??

    I usually do it with Roamers, but I got lazy and caught Lugia with it.
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    Anything in HGSS make you angry/confused?

    Really, I thought the HGSS PC was better than the B/W PC, mainly due to the ability to easily exchange multiple pokemon into your party.
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    So yeah Scott Pilgrim

    God, we are on absolutely opposite pages. I think we're in this point as consumers where we are into his kind of awkward humor, I think he will get some different roles eventually.
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    The NBA Thread

    Well, what happens last night was being too confident, so the confidence still worried me.
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    Green Lantern

    Well, movies are traditionally carried by their leads and you can't have a good superhero movie without good special effects, so I would say you're right.
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    What artists/bands have you seen live?

    I've seen Metallica live and Rush at Summerfest in Wisconsin. A majority of the other stuff are smaller local bands and bands from my high school.
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    Official Pokemon Discussion Thread

    Well, Lock Ness is more reasonable then giant seagull.
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    Official One Piece Manga Discussion Thread: Oda says Trans Rights

    I'm confused by what you want. Do you want him to draw the Nobles differently or act differently. If it's the former, I'm sure it will happen eventually.
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    Official One Piece Manga Discussion Thread: Oda says Trans Rights

    I agree with you, but Decken and Hordy need to do something crazy to give them a good battle scene, I don't want an anti-climactic battle with reason being given to the Straw Hats improvement (like Hordy and Zoro). You know what would be cool actually, Vander Decken using Hordy's Energy Steroids.
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    What is your favorite manga series?

    I am at a point where I almost exclusively follow One Piece, with a little Naruto mixed in there from time to time. So yeah, One Piece.
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    Your first manga

    Same as you, I started with Electric Tale, unaware it was manga, then I read like a volume of Yu-Gi-Oh, again not knowing it was manga, then Adventures, then One Piece and the rest is history.
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    Commercials You Love or Hate

    I just saw that one. I liked it and my dad was ROFLing (which he always does). And when will Allstate give us more Mayhem commercials. Or the most interesting man in the world? I love those two.