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  1. UnbelievableUrsula

    Sun & Moon, your thoughts now vs first thoughts

    Someone who is good at battling doesn't mean they are an overpowered whatever you just called it. Ash pretty much sucks at everything else in this region and it shows. As far as everyone else, they have their own strengths of what they can contribute in this series. I don't know why Ash has to...
  2. UnbelievableUrsula

    What's so special about the Ash/Paul rivalry?

    True. I liked Alain as a rival, but the problem with him was that he was used in his own story as a protagonist and made his way over to Ash's as a league rival more so than a regular regional rival like the others.
  3. UnbelievableUrsula

    I have been pretty busy lately. But why has CyberCubed been banned for as long as he has?

    I have been pretty busy lately. But why has CyberCubed been banned for as long as he has?
  4. UnbelievableUrsula

    Cameos/Appearances from Older Characters?

    I'm not too sure but I think she has you on her ignore list. But what Caseydia was trying to say was that even though Iris's didn't air she still was supposed to have one. Dawn already had one including Misty having quite a few in the chronicals. May didn't even have a chance to get one made...
  5. UnbelievableUrsula

    Which was the first season you watched?

    I had no choice but to start watching pokemon from the beginning to now. When I saw how more advanced the anime was becoming, sometimes I wished I has started with the Hoenn saga. -Ash only had Pikachu with him. -Main girl trainer with starter pokemon. -Gyms were done well. -Contests were used...
  6. UnbelievableUrsula

    DP Ash VS Virgil

    I personally would think they would tie if this was DP Ash. No offense but we never saw Ash face off with Virgil so I can't make a proper prediction of who would win. The proper question should have been Cameron VS DP Ash.
  7. UnbelievableUrsula

    Where Johto went wrong

    The Kanto fillers and just useless fillers in general is my pet peeve. It didn't help that Misty and Brock were like statues most of the entire time either. As far as a rival goes, they either needed to add more Gary or gave someone else as a new rival. Because it was like there was none.
  8. UnbelievableUrsula

    Where Johto went wrong

    Brock wasn't totally killed in DP when he started dying quite before then. I don't know why now people are even complaining about DO. Compared to whatever was before XY, this wasn't half bad as people make it out to be.
  9. UnbelievableUrsula

    February 20: XY017 - Froakie VS Frogadier! Ninja Battle!

    Breathe Dman. Breathe.:redface: I really don't see the point of even having an episode like this so close to the Chespin and Delphox one. I get promotions and what not. But this is a bit too much. I rather Froakie have a rivalry with another water pokemon type. How about a better water attack...
  10. UnbelievableUrsula

    February 27: XY018 - Wake Up Snorlax! Battle in Parfum Palace!!

    No offense but if I had played my X game correctly, this is the time where Shauna shows up and helps me catch a poodle so that I can get a poke'flute to move a sleeping Snorlax off of the damn bridge. I don't and I'm sure there isn't any reason for a rude and snobby character to show up just for...
  11. UnbelievableUrsula

    Cameos/Appearances from Older Characters?

    I don't find Bonnie all that active in XY. I don't see how would Cilan being there or not kill the entire cast if there would be five people or more people in it. One doesn't make a group bad by themselves.
  12. UnbelievableUrsula

    Pocket Monsters XY Character Review Thread

    I agree. I like Ash's gymbattles but I would have liked the secondary boy to have done something different as well. If they aren't going to have Serena do anything then I don't see why Clemont can't get anything done. I rather that than just Ash doing something. Other characters can be allowed...
  13. UnbelievableUrsula

    Pocket Monsters XY Character Review Thread

    The good thing about this is that Serena doesn't make the whole show. I wish people wouldn't make the main girls a knife to the throat all the time. I'm hoping they go the boy route and have Clemont be the one to pursuit a quest for a change other than Ash.
  14. UnbelievableUrsula

    Is Ash now filling the role of Brock/Cilan in the anime?

    So just because Ash is more mature means he's filling the Brock role? I thought that since Brock didn't do anything for years that it means no one on the show has to go through what he went through. And I don't know about anyone else, but I'm glad that there isn't a official cook in the show...
  15. UnbelievableUrsula

    December 31: New Year's Specials 5:40 AM-8:25 AM (w/ preview of upcoming episodes)

    Me too. I really didn't like the way they treated any of the regional villians of this show. I hope that TR doesn't yet again butt in an overshadow the other team from doing what they are supposed to do when it's time.
  16. UnbelievableUrsula

    Cameos/Appearances from Older Characters?

    If any tag battling should happen it should be with Shauna against, Tierno and Trevor. They really do need to give the actual XY characters a chance.
  17. UnbelievableUrsula

    Ash's new rival

    I agree too. It would be nice if he would just have small short rivalries with characters for a few episodes and not the whole season. That way it would be interesting and people won't complain too much if he lost to some of them.
  18. UnbelievableUrsula

    Pocket Monsters XY Character Review Thread

    Hmm? I was looking into the battles Ash have had with all of the past girls and most were either considered bs or just bs. However, I don't think the writers will make it too easy for any girl to give into a battle just because of some crush. If anything, she should be more motivated to prove...
  19. UnbelievableUrsula

    Does anyone think Froakie will finally break the Water Starter curse?

    If Froakie doesn't evolve I will laugh. But in all seriousness, I always liked the fire starters more. The waters were too in our faces in the wrong aspects. I just want good battles from everyone. If they choose to evolve then fine. If not then fine.
  20. UnbelievableUrsula

    Does anyone think Froakie will finally break the Water Starter curse?

    I actually want him to get a Goomy, Mawile and a Espurr. I really didn't want another bird taking up the poke spots but I guess we have no choice. However, I never mind that Ash's water pokemon evolved. I also hope we don't get a fire type that can't evolve either. I don't a replica of Torkoal.