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    Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire: Expectations & Desires? [Not a speculation thread]

    What is a surefire thing for these games is: They will have over 210 in its regional dex... As well as either a magnetic route or cave, or not. Which HG/SS did not have. We may have either Poochyena or Zigzagoon chasing the notoriously cowardly Birch. The Emerald side-story will be part of both...
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    Climbing the Walls (828)

    Thanks for the info, that was borderline frustrating.
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    Climbing the Walls (828)

    Still a shame we lose some continuity by losing one episode to postponement. Oh well. Anyway, they arrive in Cyllage, and YET AGAIN Ash rushes to the gym without knowing where the darn thing is. Strange omission: no bicycle roads. When they get to the gym, they see a HUGE rock climbing wall...
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    Going for Gold (825)

    So the episode starts with the gang arriving in Ambrette Town heading to the beach, playing in the sea. Serena looks on her device and is adamant to go the aquarium. The golden Magikarp is on the screen. Apparently Ash is the focus in today's episode. They walk about the aquarium and see a...
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    April 10: XY022 - Fish the Golden Magikarp!

    Clauncher is too cool to not join the cast! For the love of Arceus let a Clauncher join the team, please writers PLEASE!!! Let the pistol shrimp join the cast!! Besides my ultimate fanboying of Clauncher, I'm glad we're now in Ambrette Town. It won't be long before we see Ash battle Grant in May.
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    Pocket Monsters XY Pokémon Review Thread

    Well, since Clemont got Chespin, which is fine with me (I relate A LOT to him), I have to wonder what Grass type Ash will get. I find it odd that he wouldn't get a obligatory Grass type in a region. So here's some ideas: Skiddo (being a goat it would work), Roselia or Budew (since R&S are being...
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    Dex Speculation/Discussion Thread [READ THE FIRST POST FOR UPDATES]

    Talonflame (better name was the Japanese F(l)arrow) is definitely a step in the right direction for regional birds, because it's now actually one of my faves. It WILL be in my team. I'm guessing this one has a mid-evolution. Vivillon is my first fave starter bug ever. I can't wait to get my...
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    9 New Avatars

    Awesome! Though I chose Yveltal.
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    To Catch a Rotom! (789)

    AMEN! I agree best Da! Episode YET! It made Rotom sound like a Transformer and TR catches Rotom like the Ghostbusters. Let's add that this episode aired ON MY 28th BIRTHDAY. It was better than Get Your Rotom Running (minus the delightfully mischievous personality) because one was caught and it...
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    BWS2DA!E6 - Professor Oak [FIRST POST UPDATED 05/08]

    My most anticipated episode! It's my fave Ghost type returning on my 28th BIRTHDAY!! As you can tell from my signature, I LOVE ROTOM!!! If they do something cool for him in X/Y I will be so happy!
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    Farewell, Unova! Setting Sail for New Adventures! (784)

    Looks like James has a most convincing costume compared to Jessie's. There's quite a lot of fluff in this episode. Who's That Pokemon- Muk! Ash and gang are locked in the room, talk about a stand still turn of events. Thank you Oshawott for pushing the plot forward. And... finally the battle...
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    Movie 16 - ExtremeSpeed Genesect & The Awakening of Mewtwo - FIRST DETAILS

    You took the words out of my mouth. From what I can see, Mewtwo is not the best defensively- physical or special. So he might get a boost in those areas and have other stats redistributed. Though how could Mewtwo lose to Genesect when Mewtwo clearly has the better stat total? Mewtwo has 680 and...
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    Tuesday: Pokémon - Mewtwo Form - UNCONFIRMED + Dream World Catalogue

    Yeah, people are pretty polarized with this forme. There's clearly TWO sources for this forme and yet everyone is treating it like a fake or it's the end of the world, or they are embracing it. I for one am curious what its bottom half looks like.
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    Flames of a Red-Hot Reunion! (777)

    So it looks like Charizard takes the place of yet another Flying type pokemon- this time it's his Female Unfezant.
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    Flames of a Red-Hot Reunion! (777)

    They're kinda messing with history here. But they did show the existence of Ash's Primeape so that was pretty cool. Because how they showed off Charizard's evo stages were not quite accurate. I'm kinda a purist with the classic stuff.
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    The Pokémon Harbor Patrol! (776)

    Those stupid jetpacks! I missed their blast offs, but NOOO they got their dang jetpacks back Thank God next episode isn't a filler like this one was.
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    Movie 16 - ExtremeSpeed Genesect & The Awakening of Mewtwo - FIRST DETAILS

    No. HOWEVER there was a question mark being held up in the preview for the next episode. So some news about Genesect or Sylveon will be revealed next week.
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    There's a New Gym Leader in Town! (772)

    Again, Oshawott you need to evolve. Sheesh, that battle was embarrassing.
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    New Places... Familiar Faces! (770)

    Trust me, they haven't been trying in many ways in the first two series of Best Wishes.