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    General Character Discussion Thread

    Not looking likely for this game I guess but it'd be neat if the rival was our sibling. Good old sibling rivalry. The games all seem to be mum & only child scenario.
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    Pokémon Sun & Moon - Hopes and Wish lists

    I actually love this idea. Some of the old characters had some pretty awesome outfits. I'd love it if they took it a step further and allowed mix and match. I'd also love for your dad to appear. He almost never does. It'd be refreshing if they had a stay at home dad for a change even. Doesn't...
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    Starter Discussion & Thread

    Pretty much this for me, I despise clowns and it just looks a little too like it could go more into the clown-like road from it's first evo. I like Rowlet most since it's design is cute and interesting. N cuz owls. lol. <3 Going with Litten since I love cats and everyone I know seems to be...
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    Pokémon Sun & Moon - Hopes and Wish lists

    Looking at the Japanese trailer it's not seeming likely but I really wish we had more character customisation off the bat. Like eye colour etc from the get go.
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    General Character Discussion Thread

    I kinda liked that you had a group of friends in X/Y, reminded me of my childhood running around with all my friends. They weren't as interesting as the old rivals though. I'd like one who is a bit teasy/tough on us again for a change.
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    Sun or Moon? Which version are you getting?

    Sun first, will probably end up getting Moon later. :3
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    Yeah I'm hoping to do the same. :3

    Yeah I'm hoping to do the same. :3
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    Yeah been too long! Guessing you like Litten? I'm thinking of choosing Litten too. Woot kitteh...

    Yeah been too long! Guessing you like Litten? I'm thinking of choosing Litten too. Woot kitteh! I like Rowlet too but know so many people wanting to start with it.
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    Starter Discussion & Thread

    Another vote for Litten here. Rowlet is also a fav of mine (soooo cute & OWLS. <3 ) Buuuuut almost everyone I know wants to start with Rowlet so I'm gonna go with Litten. I'd prefer the water starter if it didn't have the circus/clown vibe. Clowns freak me out. D: *hides from Mr. Mime*
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    Howdy! I do remember you, another 2 years later. :O OMG POKEMON SUN. Gimme gimme.

    Howdy! I do remember you, another 2 years later. :O OMG POKEMON SUN. Gimme gimme.
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    GWSC- Week 74 Poll

    ,Ex - Pikachu - the shading is amazing and this is one of my favorite Pikachu moments. :3
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    GWSC- Week 73 Poll

    So many of these are amazing! 9Dragonbreed - Steelix is just beautiful though~ get's my vote.
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    GWSC- Week 71 Poll

    noobiess - the colouring is well done. Only critique is it looks almost too neat for a 1st gen. Missigno.master's was good but I prefered the shading and colouring of Gengar. Bakphoon(Tm) a nice effort but it looks a bit too similar to normal Mewtwo for me, I had to focus to see the changes. It...
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    GWSC- Week 69 Poll

    noobiess - Polywrath - made me giggle. I like the idea behind it.
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    GWSC- Week #69 "50 shades of grey!"

    Did this quickly lol not entered in ages.
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    GWSC- Week 67 Poll

    ,Ex - Primeape - I love them all but this one looks official to me.
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    GWSC- Week 66 Poll

    Part of the first entry is showing a broken link for me, so I won't vote yet~
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    GWSC- Week 65 Poll

    They both look fab but I'm drawn to the second if only because they all match better. So I'll vote for Navarch + noobiess . I do love the first though, just that the female doesn't match as well in my opinion.
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    GWSC- Week 64 Poll

    Burt_lucario - Cofagrigus & Grovyl - Croagunk I guess my subconscious hates bright pink.
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    GWSC- Week 63 Poll

    Burt_lucario - Mega Flygon - one of my fav Pokemon so probably a biased vote but hey ho.