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    What if you had to quit pokemon?

    I'd slowly inch away from Pokemon until i don't care about it anymore.
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    Serebii.net turns 10

    Serebii.Net turns 10? Well,congrats on a successful site.
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    Which Starters From Each Gen/Region Will You Choose?

    Cyndaquil. Bulbasaur. Torchic or Treecko.
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    Spending More Time in School?

    I have a sore feeling that a select few students in the USA would actually work less if there was more school.
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    Spending More Time in School?

    Lets see how much time we usually spend in school: 7 hours.(depends on the school,this seems to be average) 5/7 days a week. About 4 and a half months of Summer. 12 years of school(not counting Kindergarden and Pre-K). Increasing time would be pointless. School hours are long enough,and...
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    Teachers that suck.

    There's this 5th grade teacher that i used to have,and my god was she a *****. I swear Every student she comes in contact with makes the student hate her. That's one of the reasons that Elementery was a pain in the ***. This other kid hates her too. In fact,everyone does. And she yells at me for...
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    What's happening at school?

    Only two retards to deal with this year. Billy and Parker. They are both retards and Parker thinks he is cooler then me cause he is jealous im older then him. Billy is a downright retard and i would knock him unconcious if i could. As for grades,im on the cliff. Two D+'s but there better then my...
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    Halloween Thread

    I myself belive im too old. I go to my grandma's house to pass out candy(because my hometown is too small for Trick-or-Treating,or they just dont do it for some reason)and it's not bad.
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    What's happening at school?

    Well,for the next three weeks in P.E.,3/5 days of the week we are doing basketball. IMO,basketball sucks because i sometimes get bad teams,and we do it WAY too much. the antagonizing is under control,though i hear a smart-*** remark about me now and then. Like these two idiots who thought they...
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    What color is you Hair? --its simple enough XD

    Blond. My hair Goes down to the top of my cheek.
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    Do you stay or do you go?

    I don't go to church. I'm not a religious person and its a waste of time considering the crap load of work i have these days.
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    The Official Signature Check Thread

    Can you check my siggy? I hope it's not advertising.
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    Can you Cook?

    I can cook pancakes and cheeseburgers. I'm just starting to learn how to cook more stuff though. (i didnt start cooking until after i took Home Economics in 6th grade)
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    Stupid TV shows.

    Family Guy is pretty much stupid. South Park is off the wall sometimes,but nothing compared to Family Guy's stupidity. I used to be a SpongeBob fan but the newer episodes are completely off the wall.
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    New Dub Titles (Season 13)

    Good title. Sliding could be referring to sliding on ice,and seventh refers to the seventh gym right?
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    Kecleon Discussion

    Pretty much correct, They kill you much faster then in PMD1. That's no joke.
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    What's the most 'EVIL' thing you have ever done?

    1. Urinating on a kid that told me to get out of the bathroom 2. Flipping off a girl,IN SCHOOL. 3. Wishing to people who harass me to get a fatal deseise. Yea,im pretty evil.
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    Kecleon Discussion

    I recruited a Kecleon at Wyvern Hill once,and boy it took atleast four weeks of Kecleon hunting to get it.
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    Teachers that suck.

    Most of my teachers are tolerable,except for one. Rules for her class: 1.Your book must be on the desk all the time(why?) 2.When your doing something out of the book on a seperate sheet of paper,She does not allow the paper on the book while you write,she says it"makes it look sloppy" wtf...
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    Biggest 'ouch' moments

    Today i was running with a loose shoe on concrete. Bad coice,my friend. I tripped and scraped my ankle,two other scrapes on the palm of each hand, and a big scrape on the back of my right hand. It hurt like hell and i would not be suprised if there are blood stains on the concrete.