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    The Battle Corporation

    I'd like to do this as well.
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    The Battle Corporation

    Name: MegaSerperior (Can't you just look up?) PO/PS Name: Need to redownload PO because laptop is stupid Reason For Joining: Friends and um... battles and stuff... Referrer: Last time I checked, no one
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    Chaos Theory Tournaments

    Post reserved for Tournament Office
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    So I'd like Volcarona, Jirachi, and Scizor on the banner for my post. Also, if you possible, I'd...

    So I'd like Volcarona, Jirachi, and Scizor on the banner for my post. Also, if you possible, I'd like it to say "Tournament Office." Thanks!
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    Super Smash Bros: The Subspace Emmissary Mafia!

    1. Crimson Penguin 2. DittoDude 3. Dusknoirdude23 4. 5. QuagsireEOoD (5 is the answer to everything) 6. Shazdar 7. 8. Bullkid 9. 10. 11. Armando Payne 12. The Eleventh 13. Ruby XIII 14. Chandelurefan1 15. 16. Digipoke 17. Lightpanda 18. Grey Walrus 19. BugPokemonMaster316 20. MegaSerperior 21...
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    Angry about fairy type!!!

    I'll admit, I'm not completely accepting this Fairy type stuff, but I do believe you're overreacting. I agree that it is pretty late to add in a new type, but it will help balance the metagame against the Dragons that you see everywhere.
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    The Official Pokemon Discussion Thread!

    I've heard the claim that Squirtle is squirrel+turtle, however It makes more sense if it's squirt+turtle in my opinion.
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    Fustrations With the Elite Four. Your thoughts?

    So my first Pokemon game was Diamond back when I was like eight. By the time I was at the E4 I had like a level 70-something Infernape and the rest of my team was probably low to mid 40s. The E4 themselves weren't too challenging if I remember correctly, but Cynthia was freakin' Devil's Spawn...
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    The Pokemon Resistance

    I love the style of those as well Golem. Thye look awesome.
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    The Pokemon Resistance

    *Runs in* Ok, I'm still alive, I've just been unreasonably inactive. So, welcome to the clan Aqua. The tournament has gone inactive. Just in case anybody was wondering. That's a wonderful plan Dark, and I, along with others, am willing to do whatever necessary to make sure it's fulfilled.
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    Do you use HM Slaves?

    I use them, but usually I have a full team as well so I rotate it in and out of the PC depending on if I need it or not. As strange as it is, I was using Kricketune in Diamond. Strength, Rock Smash, Cut and Flash.
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    The Pokemon Resistance

    I love Conquest, but those side stories get waaaaay too repetitive. My favorite spin-off would by far be Mystery Dungeon. Pokemon Ranger is awesome as well, but I really didn't like Guardian Signs.
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    The Pokemon Resistance

    Yeah, that's fine Buster. Just post on the tournament thread what you want your new gen to be.
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    The Pokemon Resistance Tournaments

    Ok, so the monogen tourney is back on. I've posted the bracket on the OP. You will be given a week to complete your battles, which means they will be due Monday, April 22.
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    The Pokemon Resistance

    Welcome to Abrar and Lake! Also, I've posted the bracket for the monogen tourney in the tourney thread. Battles will be due in one week.
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    The Pokemon Resistance

    Welcome to the clan Slade. If you guys are still interested in the Monogen tourney we can still make it work without much trouble.
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    Thanks for the friend request :)

    Thanks for the friend request :)
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    Secret Story: Les Maison des Mensognes

    :576: It's suddenly really quiet out there... *Opens the door* Um... Hello?
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    The Pokemon Resistance

    So I apologize for inactivity once again. Unfortunately the tourney has been cancelled since we weren't able to get enough people. Anyway, welcome Heraszor and happy belated birthday to Grov.
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    Of course! Basically Dark thought that some of the leaders were dragging TBC down so he started...

    Of course! Basically Dark thought that some of the leaders were dragging TBC down so he started a group within TBC that was made to protect it. These people are currently TPR. Zero found out about it and called us traitors. A bunch of people left and the leaders thought it was best to just close...