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    Professor Layton Series

    I just realized that Miracle Mask is coming out tomorrow for the US, I had it in my mind the release date wasn't till monday so now I'm super excited for it. Unwound Future is easily my favorite in the series, the plot was absolutely amazing and that ending really got me. I'd say that Last...
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    Pokemon Battle Royale art

    Pretty cool overall, love that Electabuzz, but some these are just plain creepy. I'm looking at you Gengar and Clefairy.
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    Kingdom Hearts Discussion

    I really like KH3D so far, I just finished Prankster's Paradise with both Sora and Riku. I'm liking it alot more than BBS, having Dream Eaters with me at all times is nice, and flowmotion is pretty cool, I wouldn't mind seeing it in future games. I'm kinda uncertain on how I feel about the drop...
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    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    Kingdom Hearts DDD. Really great so far, I like it more than BBS.
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    If you could choose ANY starter to begin with, which would you choose?

    Torchic. And then I would evolve that bird as fast as humanly possible to get the awesomeness that is Blaziken.
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    Games you played during your childhood

    Pokemon Blue and Yoshi's Island (GBA) were the big ones for me.
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    Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel

    The heck? As much as I love Phineas and Ferb, this just doesn't seem right. I'll still watch it, but hopefully future Disney/Marvel crossovers make more sense.
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    Which Champion was your hardest?

    Lance. Those stupid Dragonite gave me a hard time, I forget how I did against Blue but I don't think he was that hard, Palkia owns Cynthia's Garchomp and my Blaziken destroyed Steven easily.
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    The Club Nintendo Thread

    Posters or cards huh? I'll take the cards, posters are boring. I would have liked something cooler, but at least it's better than those crappy pins.
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    Tales of... Thread

    I'm totally stuck on Vesperia.
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    Tales of... Thread

    I've been playing Vesperia this week and thoroughly enjoying it. Yuri is amazing, and having only played Abyss and Symphonia before it, the voice acted skits are freakin awesome. I'm just sad that this will be my last Tales game for a long time, unless I get a PS3 just for Graces f, and I might...
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    UMvC3 Thread

    A good beam assist would probably come in handy, but there aren't any characters I'm particularly interested in using that has one. Iron Man, Magneto and Dr. Doom are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head, I've thought about using Doom, but I found his air dash/footdive combos hard...
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    Project X Zone

    Looks good, but I question the lack of Sonic, it would obviously be a no-brainer to put him in there partnered with Tails. Unlikely as it is, it would be freaking awesome if they put Phoenix Wright in this.
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    UMvC3 Thread

    I've seen how awesome Lvl 3 Ouroboros is, but I don't really like Strider, he's too fragile, kinda hard to use, and doesn't do a whole lot of damage I don't think that's a very good character for someone who's not very good. Sentinel on the other hand does a ton of damage with Lvl 3 X-Factor...
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    UMvC3 Thread

    That same order, Cap on point, Vergil second to use the hyper meter Cap built, and Sentinel last for his awesome assist and to abuse Lvl 3 X-Factor.
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    UMvC3 Thread

    I really suck at this game but I've been trying to get better, just gotta keep practicing I guess. I use Captain America/Vergil/Sentinel I might replace Vergil, I'm not sure with who though.
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    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    I got Tales of Vesperia today, haven't gotten very far in it but it's clearly another amazing Tales game. It's gonna be my last one too, unless I get a PS3 pretty much just for Graces f which I'm considering doing.
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    Animal Crossing Series

    The new Animal Crossings looks really good. I hope being the mayor gives you more things to do, I normally end up not playing after a month or two and when I come back my town is weed infested, ugh, I hate weeds. I guess you could say some towns have a serious weed problem.
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    The Legend of Korra

    That scene on the boat... surprised they got that passed Nickelodeon, that was dark stuff it was amazing. Honestly the only thing I can really complain about is the whole thing with Mako and Korra was handled terribly, but I guess that's what happens when you have a ton of story and only 12...
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    Nintendo 3DS Discussion Thread

    The 3DS XL looks pretty cool. I'll probably get one when they release a special color, like what they did with that sweet Zelda 3DS a few months after launch.