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    New laptop can be slow and freezes.

    Go into the task manager and see if any processes are eating up a lot of your RAM/CPU.
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    Yes, but as SkittyOnWailord said, your facebook pages will still be preserved by the many web crawlers/archivers, and possibly even facebook itself.
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    Deactivating it is about as close as you can get. Why do you need to permanently delete it?
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    Cleaning a motherboard

    Lol, I meant the whole CPU assembly, with the fan and heatsink and everything.
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    Sadly that goes beyond my knowledge of actionscript. I think you'd get the X/Y coordinates for the spot you clicked, check if the character can move there, and then play an animation that moved it there.
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    Flash's AS editor explains all of them pretty good, but for point and click, you're mostly going to need to know about things like on (click) { //I think this is the correct syntax //do something } And other stuff like that.
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    Cleaning a motherboard

    You're basically going to have to take apart the entire thing to get to the motherboard. When you clean it, make sure you have an antistatic wrist band (or whatever they're called), as any minuscule amount of static electricity will fry your computer's internals. It's been said before, but make...
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    Wierd computer problem...

    This is why you have a surge protector/unplug your devices during a storm.
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    Help with Java

    Your connection is timing out, causing some classes not to load. Not sure how to help you with this one, it might be your internet or it might be the server.
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    Free Resources for Webmasters

    Get vBulletin, make several dozen custom skins and obtain a huge userbase.
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    Cloan Club Blog

    The content seems quite good to be honest Oh and cream cheese did the trick.
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    Cloan Club Blog

    You probably didn't make that layout, but it's blander than the whole wheat bagel I just ate.
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    Ditto's Docks

    Just noticed this. The Sidebars just disappear near the bottom, leave the content area looking bare and stranded like a white ship in a sea of pink. You should at least have borders around it, or better yet just continue the sidebars to the bottom. And you have a huge copyright image. It's...
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    How do you post html codes in a scroll box for xanga entries?

    If it's a forum like this one, try tags.
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    Does anyone know these codes?

    You can enter it into your address bar too like this javascript: alert('LOL') If you load that "page" it'll do whatever js you put in it.
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    CSS Uploading Websites

    filesmelt.com and filebox.me are nice ones. I prefer the latter personally.
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    CSS Uploading Websites

    You can use any file uploading website you want basically
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    It's a 4chan style image board with an eye burning background. But at least it seems like a pretty entertaining concept.
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    How does this site look so far?

    XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language (as opposed to HTML, or HyperText Markup Language) and it's used in many different venues to present data. Basically, in xml you make up your own tagnames. So if you set up a system where your pages were in xml they might look something like this: <...
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    How does this site look so far?

    When you don't specify a specific page, the server will load index.html or index.htm. Some servers also support default.html, but your best bet is to name your homepage index.html. Also, if you want people to be able to download from your database so they can use the pokemon data in their sites...